Sunnier Days Are Coming in Sesame Street’s New PSA Just for Adults

Sesame Street has partnered with the CDC for a special series.

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Kids Love Stickers but Do They Have Any Educational Value?

“Playing with stickers has a surprising number of educational benefits!”

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How I Explain Racism to My White Friends (So They Can Explain It to Their Kids)

Once we know our history (because, news flash, Black history is everyone’s history) and we can comprehend the complexities of injustice, then we can openly and honestly communicate it to our kids. 

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5 Things I Wish You Knew about Autism

“Every day we choose to define our lives through embracing differences, kindness, understanding, unconditional love, adventure, laughter, hope and faith.”

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Hop into Spring with Lowe’s Free Garden Kits for Kids

Spend spring planting with these kits for kiddos from Lowe’s.

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We’re Teaming Up with Jennifer Garner & Once Upon a Farm to Celebrate Remarkable Moms!

Know a mom who is starting a better story for herself, her family or her community? Nominate her to win a prize pack from Once Upon a Farm and a $100 Visa gift card!

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It’s Time to Stop Using This Word

“My daughter is worthy. She is deserving of everything life has to offer. She is different but not less: if anything she is more.”

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6 Ways to Celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day with Your Kids

Teach your kids about the great civil rights leader with these fun and educational activities and events.

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Inclusion Is Everything

“​​​​​​​I won’t stop fighting for my son, and all others like him, to be included. To be valued.”

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6 Ways to Encourage Inclusivity in Your Family

“Raising respectful, knowledgeable, and empathetic members of society begins with you, and by encouraging inclusivity at home, you’re doing your part in creating a better world for everyone.”

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Why I Should Get a Say About Raising Your Children

Photo: bst2012
I know that childless people (of which I am one) like to complain about how parents are raising their kids. I feel confident in saying that virtually every parent has had the experience of going out in public…

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Barbie and Nikki Discuss Racism

Barbie Releases a Special New Vlog Tackling Racism

Barbie is using her platform to raise awareness.

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Yara Shahidi Barbie

Yara Shahidi’s Barbie Doll Is Here for the 2020 Election

Barbie hopes to inspire girls all around the world.

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DC Caribu

Caribu Partners with DC to Add 75+ Kid-Friendly Comics

The app offers unlimited interactive content options for kids ages 8-12 for free all summer.

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Biscayne National Park

Celebrate Father’s Day with Biscayne National Park

Dad can feel like he spent the day exploring a National Park, all from the comfort of home.

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man holding remote

Now You Can Stream “The Hate U Give” for Free

The movie is also available to purchase at a discount.

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Kristen Bell Guest Stars on Story Pirates Podcast

The episode is part of the Story Pirates live program series.

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The Wiggles Are Bringing Their Concerts to Your Home

Enjoy a concert right from your own home,

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Magic Tree House Home Adventures

Random House Children’s Books to Launch Magic Tree House Adventures Program

It’s designed to educate and entertain children with videos, activities, crafts and games.

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Reese Witherspoon Is Giving Teachers Free Draper James Dresses for Their Hard Work

The Oscar-winning actress wants to show her gratitude during the coronavirus pandemic.

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Social Isolation Week One: A Home Education Guide

“Learning is everywhere and in everything we do, especially for children. The way we talk to people, and how we treat each other during a time of uncertainty is an invaluable life lesson.”

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Here’s What to Teach Your Kids About Frederick Douglass

Educate yourself and your kids on this American leader who fought tirelessly for equality and freedom.

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5 Ways Parents Can Keep Their Kids Safe Online

Essential ways to keep up with kid’s online lives and help protect their online activity.

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Tip the Scales with 10 Easy Dragon Crafts

From magical dragon eggs to a no-sew mask, we’ve rounded up 10 projects to make your littles roar.

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Wait…Breastfeeding isn’t normal?

So…someone forgot to tell me that breastfeeding isn’t “normal.”
One afternoon I was nursing my three month old daughter at a local pizzeria – momma’s gotta eat and at that moment so did my daughter. Anyway, a woman came up…

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Here’s How to Go to the Movies for Just $1 This Summer

This annual $1 movie program is back and we can’t wait!

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When Will the All-New “Blue’s Clues” Debut on Nickelodeon?

Move over Steve, there’s a new host in town!

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Moms Need Fourth Trimester Care, New Research Shows

Moms need postpartum care as much as their babies.

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This Is the First Fully-Certified Autism-Inclusive Air Carrier

This airline makes flying much easier for kids with autism.

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6 Reasons I’m So Grateful for Preschool Teachers

“Oh, how I love you. Shall I list the ways?”

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Amazon Wants to Train Your Kids to Become Future Engineers

The next generation of coders, courtesy of Amazon.

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