The Simple Truth to Happy + Healthy Kids

Photo: Jordan Manfredi
Who do you think gets to spend more time outside? Free-range chickens, prisoners or kids? 
The answer is free range chickens get to spend the most time outside, followed by prisoners who are mandated to have 2…

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Finally! Costco Samples Are Making a Comeback (& the Food Courts, too!)

Hungry? Head to Costco to get your hands on those samples.

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New R.L. Stine Stories Are Brought to Life in Brand New Podcast

Dive into another universe—sans screens—today!

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4 Ways Parents Can Hit the Reset Button in the New Year

Photo: STIL via Unsplash
Are you one of those people who makes a New Year’s resolution, stays at it for a couple weeks and fall off the bandwagon? Every day of the year could be a day to start a…

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child with tablet

10 Super Comic Creation Apps for Kids

These apps are easy to use, interactive and perfect for personalizing your family photos or giving school projects a fun twist.

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Here’s Why Families Are Dancing in Their Kitchens

L.O.L. Surprise!’s survey provides insights into family dance parties.

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Struggling with Fertility? It May Be Time to Assess Your Stress Level

“Decades of research on the associations between stress and infertility have made this connection well-known and accepted. Here’s what you can do about it.”

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LEGO® Just Dropped Brand-New Super Mario Sets

Your favorite brick masters have good news for the new year!

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Study Shows Number of Times a Person Gives Birth May Affect Aging

These effects were found only after a person had gone through menopause.

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Walt Disney World

Disney World Is Bringing Back Its Park Hopper Pass With Some Modifications

The ability to visit another park will be subject to the park’s capacity limitations.

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Review: Kidizoom Creator Cam

Kids can be the star of their own show with VTech’s newest, kid-safe camera kit.

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The Best Artist Supplies for Kids

iHeartArt sets, paints and markers

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Study Shows Streaming Services Help Improve Mental Health

Those surveyed said these services help with looking after their mental wellbeing. 

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S’mores Science Project: A Sweet Conclusion

Learn how to make s’mores by harnessing the energy of the sun!

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baby with fedora

Study Shows Babies Know When They Are Being Imitated & Like It

Imitation has a positive effect on interaction.

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“Artemis Fowl” Is Available Today Exclusively on Disney+

It had originally been set for a May 29 theatrical debut.

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Kristen Bell Town Hall

Kristen Bell Hosts Nickelodeon Coronavirus Special for Kids

The hour-long special answered young people’s questions about the coronavirus pandemic. 

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Disney World to Remain Closed Until Further Notice Due to Coronavirus Concerns

The Disney Cruise Line has also suspended all new departures.

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Now You Can Use New “Diary of a Wimpy Kid Wrecking Ball” Filters On Social Media

“Diary of a Wimpy Kid” is coming to your social media feed.

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3 Glow-in-the-Dark Recipes to Try Tonight

Keep the light on with these fun food ideas sure to steal the spotlight.

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Diapers Are Officially Tax-Free in California

Tampons and menstrual products are also included in the tax break.

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A Must-Try Kindness App with an Awesome Mission

“Through my research, I discovered that there are no digital tools to create and celebrate kindness. My kids and I decided to change that.”

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Parents, Watch for These Signs of Stress at Back-to-School Time

Identifying and getting rid of emotional baggage from the past can help kids return to school happy and ready to learn.

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This State Just Approved 12-Week Paid Family Leave

Stay at home with your newborn and get paid!

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