Keeping Santa Safe from COVID

“Even though Santa is in a high-risk group (over the age of 85 and obese, clocking in somewhere between 250 lbs. and 350 lbs), the Elf High Council has deemed Santa’s annual trip around the world more essential than ever. Here’s what you can do to make his journey a safe one.”

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4 Easy Ways My Family Is Staying Healthy This School Year

Summer is coming to an end and the list of things we have to get done before the new school year is getting longer and longer.  School supplies, new clothes, immunization forms, carpool arrangements, and after school activities, the list…

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7 Natural Asthma Remedies That Worked Wonders for My Family

Here are my tried and trusted antidotes that have significantly helped my kids go from having to take 4-5 courses of steroids every year to just once or twice.

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5 Steps to Avoiding Getting the Flu

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The winter season is one of the busiest times of year for pediatricians, as we see a huge peak in influenza( the flu) and other viruses. As we start to head deeper into flu season, the waiting…

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Beyond an Apple a Day: 10 Germ-Busting Tips for Cold and Flu Season

Here are 10 simple ways to stay healthy during cold and flu season that may have never crossed your mind.

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