To the Mom Parenting a Child with Aggression Issues

“I see your eyes, darkened with sadness, your cheeks, tear-stained from not just the physical pain but the emotional pain. I know your fear. I live it too.”

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Why I Stopped Overcompensating for the Absentee Parent

I was afraid of being the “bad parent.”

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10 Things I Would Tell My 20-Year-Old Self

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Perspective is a cruel thing. Often by the time we have it, we can only pass on what we know, as time is gone. Sometimes, though, the big picture can be a comfort. Just think, if we knew…

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The Difficult Holiday Season I Will Never Forget

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We all love holidays. Holidays means a true spirit of joy, fun, celebration and togetherness. It brings an immense pleasure in our life and we all eagerly waiting for it for all year along. It is the easiest…

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This is How I Survived Emotionally After Losing My First Child

“Child loss is not an event; it is an indescribable journey of survival”

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Child loss is a loss like no other. It is a grief that lasts a life time. When you lost your first…

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