Kids Need Camp More Than Ever

“But it’s harder than ever for some families to pay for summer camp with unemployment and more limited funds or access to disposable income. Here are 8 ways you can provide summer camp with less financial stress.”

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Lasagna Love

This Mom-Founded Org Wants to Help You Spread Kindness in Your Community…with Lasagna!

“Lasagna Mamas” brings meals to neighbors struggling during the pandemic.

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Thankful in the Age of COVID? It’s Possible

“I started thinking about all COVID has taken from us, and while it may go down as one of the most challenging and frustrating times of the modern era, I hope it will also be remembered as one of the most human.”

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What I Didn’t Realize about Maternity Leave until I Lived through It

“Looking back, there are some things I’d do differently with my first baby. Had I known the struggle that was ahead—and how essential parental leave is for a family’s well-being—I would have recalibrated my expectations for my leave.”

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Can’t Decide to Send the Kids Back to School? 5 Tips for Overcoming Decision Paralysis

“In the weeks between now and the start of school, practicing these techniques can help you move out of the paralysis of not knowing what to do and making the best decision you can in your situation.”

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work from home

Care.com Survey Reveals What Is on the Minds of Working Parents

Parents shared how they are feeling about juggling their child care responsibilities with work responsibilities.

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What Does the Future of Childcare Look Like?

“One thing that’s been abundantly clear to everyone these last few months is that childcare is simply essential for working parents. That means that access to childcare will be critical to our economic recovery.”

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Krispy Kreme Donation

Companies Giving Back During The Coronavirus Pandemic

Companies are doing their part to help out those affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

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Mother Father Baby

Study Shows How You Treat Your Partner Will Affect Your Child’s Future

Parental relationships shape a child’s future marriage.

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6 Must-Know Savings Tips for Parents

As a parent, it’s crucial to find time to think about your financial future and what can be done to make sure that your child will have their own financial security.

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5 Critical Social Media Habits to Teach Your Kids

Technology has been both a blessing and a curse on our society. Follow these tips to empower your kids to use social media in a positive way.

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Quick & Easy Ways to Be a Better Environmentalist

Don’t beat yourself up when life gets in the way and you aren’t doing the best you can for the environment. Here are some easy ways to get back in the eco-grove when you’ve gone astray.

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RetailMeNot Wants to Pay You $5,000 to Shop

Get paid to shop ’til you drop.

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8 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Hired a Nanny

A little guide to help you avoid all the mistakes I made when searching for a nanny for the first time.

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Starbucks to Pay It Forward with This Awesome New Employee Program

Starbucks will pay its employees to pay it forward with this new program.

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This Is What Happened When I Brought My Baby to a Job Interview

Unusual? Yes? But, it all worked out for the best.

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How To Rock Daycare Like a Boss When You Go Back to Work

It’s time to go back to work. You knew this day was looming, yet, it hasn’t seemed real as you’ve been living in a new baby fog. You’ve been wondering for weeks, “How am I going to do this when…

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10 Questions Every Mom Needs to Ask Herself About Going Back to Work After Baby

We get asked so many questions in the months leading up to having a baby. “Boy or girl? Is it your first? How do you feel?” But none was as annoying (at least to me) as, “Will you go back…

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This Is What Gloria Estefan Taught Me About Becoming an Adoptive Mom

As an adoptive mother of three, I have refined my personal practice of grappling with despair. Even 30 years later, after hearing Gloria Estefan’s “Get On Your Feet” in my elementary school gym class, the song has become a mantra…

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10 Things You Should Know (But Were Scared to Ask) About Working From Home

Right around the time I got pregnant with my third baby, I became obsessed with working from home.

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There are a couple reasons for this. First, my husband started working from home and he absolutely…

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As a Financial Planner, I’ve Learned These Tricks to Raising Financially-Savvy Kids

Smart tips from a financial advisor for helping kiddos turn into financially responsible adults.

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Here’s How to Tell If a Work-From-Home Job Is Legit

While there are legitimate opportunities out there for remote workers, there are also a lot of scam opportunities that will take more from you than you’ll earn.

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New Study Ranks the Best & Worst States to Raise a Family In 2017

Photo: Pexels
When choosing a place to settle down and raise a family, many factors come into play: career opportunities, location of family and friends, school districts, outdoor settings, etc. Yet, according to a study by WalletHub, some states are …

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Trending Now: 5 Stories from the Spoke Contributor Network

Here are five must-read stories we spotted this week from our Spoke Contributor Network.

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A Fun Slice of History: Find Out Where the Sandwich Actually Came From

All it took to invent the sandwich was the desire to play and eat at the same time.

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Green Ideas for Earth Day and Every Day

Monday, April 22, is Earth Day; a day intended to inspire appreciation for and awareness of our earth’s environment. It is a great opportunity to teach our kids about the value of the earth and to instill respect for our…

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