TikTok Announces New Protective Measures to Keep Teens Safe

The new features are designed to empower teens to take control of their content.

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Why Imaginative Play Is So Important

In addition to being downright fun, imaginative play allows kids the opportunity to practice their social, language and creative thinking skills.

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9 Reasons Learning a Musical Instrument Benefits Kids

From improving math skills to providing stress relief—learning a musical instrument has a host of unexpected advantages.

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Dear Teachers

“I know it hasn’t been easy over the last year but thank you!”

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I Was in a Dark Place & This Became My Lifeline

“I had absolutely no reason to be unhappy, I truly had it all. But the truth was, that for as long as I could remember, I suffered a crisis of meaning that I learned to hide from the world.”

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Teaching Your Child About Climate Change

As we struggle to improve our own climate literacy, the inundation of messaging on the topic has made it more important than ever to start the conversation about climate change and global warming with our children.

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The #1 Kids Podcast, “Wow in the World,” Is about to Get Even Bigger

Mindy & Guy Raz are planning to reach even more kids.

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New TikTalk App Puts Speech Therapy At Your Fingertips

TikTalk is a speech therapy app for children to use at-home.

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Let Your Kids Be Bored to Expand Their Imaginations

“Helping a child tune-in to what exactly their brains and bodies are seeking can help them learn to meet their own needs. This is a vital and empowering lesson kids can learn at this early age.”

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7 Ways to Teach Your Kids about Elections

“This year has been unprecedented. What better time to engage with them on topics that will certainly remain issues as they mature into adults?”

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Here’s Why Your Teen Needs to Turn Off Their Screen & Just Go to Sleep

New research highlights the importance of sleep for your teen’s mental health.

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Rubik's Cube

Celebrate National Puzzle Day with Rubik’s Cube

Tune into Rubik’s Cube TikTok Live for tips and tricks.

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What My Assault Taught Me about How I Will Speak to My Children About Consent

“Here are tips to have age-appropriate conversations with children about their bodies, consent, emotional regulation, and coping.”

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LEGO BricQ Motion

LEGO Education Unveils New Tech-Free STEAM Learning Initiative

The kits have lessons that teach force, motion and energy.

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Sesame Workshop Debuts First-Ever Rohingya Muppets

Noor and Aziz will be featured in groundbreaking Rohingya-language content for children affected by displacement.

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7 Tips Every Parent Needs to Know for Effective Virtual Learning

“As the virtual classroom continues, many kids may be losing momentum and parents are certainly feeling drained. With no end in sight anytime soon, I wanted to share some virtual learning tips to keep kids engaged and us parents sane.”

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What Santa at Macy’s Will Be Like This Year

Nothing can stop the man in the red suit! (But of course, he’s responsible.) P.S. It’s free!

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5 Helpful Tips for Raising Bilingual Kids

“Parents can start by making sure the home environment is integrating the language in everyday life. Here are helpful tips to get started.”

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How to Make Bilingual Learning Fun & Natural

Interested in having your child learn another language? This mom shares her bilingual journey and how she’s getting her kids to learn Chinese.

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Kid Correspondent

YouTube Originals Premieres New Election Special for Families

“Kid Correspondent” will feature special celebrity appearances.

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TIME For Kids

TIME for Kids Launches New Digital Subscription

Connect kids to the world from home.

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How to Help Young Kids (& You) Navigate This Election

“No matter your political beliefs, here are 5 ways to approach the election that are supportive of young kids, and that will likely feel supportive of you, too.”

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A Different Kind of Cat Grooming Salon

Photo: Janet Coburn
I do so love to watch cats grooming themselves. I find it hypnotic and soothing – the smooth play of muscles as they twist and stretch, the sensual splayed toes, the darting little pink tongue, the occasional glimpse of…

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Rubik's Perplexus Hybrid 2x2

Try a New Twist on a Classic with the Rubik’s Perplexus Hybrid 2×2

Celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Rubik’s Cube.

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Molly of Denali

PBS KIDS Presents Trio of Podcasts This Fall

You kids can tune-in to their favorite shows in a whole new way.

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Here’s How to Get Your Kids to Play on Their Own (for Long Stretches!)

“You don’t have to be a trained teacher to help your kids learn to play on their own. Here’s some help to get started!”

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How to Start a Kids Virtual Book Club

“Starting a virtual book club is a relatively easy thing to do—plus it’s an opportunity for children to see their friends and perhaps even meet new ones!”

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DC Caribu

Caribu Partners with DC to Add 75+ Kid-Friendly Comics

The app offers unlimited interactive content options for kids ages 8-12 for free all summer.

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Stream “Hamilton: History Has Its Eyes on You” on Disney+

The special will be hosted by Robin Roberts.

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Simple Science Experiments With 5 Supplies or Less

Chances are you have glasses and food coloring at home, which means you’ve already got about half the supplies needed for these simple experiments.

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