Platform 9 3/4

Give Your Room a Virtual Makeover with These Fun Zoom Backgrounds

Check out some of the best backgrounds we have rounded up so far.

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How I Learned That Throwing out the Rules Makes Summertime Amazing

Photo: Nicole VandeBoom
There is something deliciously languid about summertime with kids. I have always loved summer, being from Chicago and our notoriously brutal winters, it is not hard to know why this is my favorite time of year. Add…

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Hey New Moms: Signs Your #MomLife Has Officially Commenced

Photo: Layla Zarakia
It is no longer a shock to find a small section of your hair is somewhat crusty from some unknown baby substance. No biggie though… just run a baby wipe through it, that will clean it right…

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Santa Meltdowns, Gift Snafus & More: A Holiday Survival Guide

Meltdowns on Santa’s lap, noisy gifts and understocked pantries, it’s not the holidays without a snafu or two. Make the most of every uh-oh moment with our survival tips.

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We’re Speechless! Sign Language Classes for Babies & Kids

Communicate with your kids before they can speak with these fun baby sign language classes.

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Get Your Groove On at the Hullabaloo Family Arts Festival

Part music fest, park arts extravaganza, the Hullabaloo Family Arts Festival is a great celebration of everything creative. Read on to discover our tips for making the most of the Festival.

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