Why You Should Nurture Your Kid’s Emotional Intelligence

“Research shows high levels of emotional intelligence are directly linked to academic achievement, better relationships, greater success for adulthood, and improved mental health.”

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6 Fantastic Benefits of Arts & Crafts for Kids

There are many benefits of arts and crafts that go beyond simply allowing your kids to express themselves in a more creative way, and here are some of them.

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Woman working on laptop

Study Reveals 4-in-10 Women Debating Leaving Workforce Due to COVID-19

Women are also more concerned about everyday finances.

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Why It’s Important You Travel With Your Children

Photo: Nathan Glenn
We traveled quite a bit before we had kids and now three kids later we haven’t really slowed down much. We just took my oldest daughter at age 8 to her 18th state and our five-year-old to…

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Pandemic Parenting: When There Is No Good Choice

Parenting has become harder than anyone could have ever anticipated. We’re told to make the best decision for our family. What if there is no good choice?

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How to Educate your Children on Riots & Protests

What’s on the news can be scary to kids but not talking to them about it can be even scarier. Mom, educational psychologist and parenting expert Reena B. Patel weighs in.

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Why Every ‘Now’ Moment Matters in Motherhood

In October 2005, my middle son was born. In 2018, he graduated from college.
Today, I’m trying to figure out how time works.

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Eons ago I had three kids in three and a half years. Life was…

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A Hilariously Fun Game Everyone Needs to Play

This game is one that everyone in the family can play, is completely free, and gets your kids to think critically without even realizing it. And it’s fun to boot!

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Google’s Internet Safety Classes Are Now Teaching Kids How to Spot Fake News

Google wants to make the internet safer for the youngest users.

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This New Study on Sunscreen Chemicals Will Surprise You

You’ll want to read this before you stock up on sunscreen.

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Your Kid Could Take Home Olympic Gold One Day—in Skateboarding

Get stoked because four new righteous sports could be coming to the Olympics.

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Is My Child Ready for Summer Camp?

“Over my three decades as a summer camp director, I’ve been asked thousands of questions about summer camp from parents, campers and young adult counselors.”

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More Kids Are Experiencing Back Pain Than Before & Science Weighs In

Does your kiddo’s backpack cause aches and pains?

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How to Earn Money Shopping (Yes, Seriously!)

The might be the ultimate work-from-home gig.

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How to Get Your Car Seat Installation Checked for Free This Saturday

Whether you have a newborn or a nine-year-old, it doesn’t hurt to get your kid’s car seat checked by professionals.

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This App Has Been FDA-Cleared for Birth Control, but We Have Some Questions

This app claims to be 93 percent effective at preventing pregnancy—but does it work?

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We Need These Coffee Delivery Drones Like Whoa because Mombies Are Real

Forget about walking to your neighborhood Starbucks. The future is here and it’s bringing coffee delivery drones with it!

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Report: There Might Be Traces of Weed Killer in Your Kid’s Breakfast & Snacks

A new study found that the chemical glyphosate—an ingredient in some weed killers—has been detected in some oats, snack bars and cereals.

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Are Food Additives Bad for Kids’ Health? Pediatricians Issue Warning to Parents

Pediatricians group issues new recommendations about common additives in kids’ food.

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Starbucks Is Closing More Stores Than Usual, But Don’t Panic

Even though they’re closing more stores than in other years, the news isn’t all bad.

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Diagnosing Autism in 2 Minutes or Less? A New Study Takes on the Challenge

This could have huge implications for families everywhere.

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Marie Kondo

KonMari Is Coming to Netflix to Organize Your Life, TV Binges

The magical art of tidying up meets online streaming.

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How to Interview a Babysitter: Must-Ask Questions & Interview Tips

Read and bookmark these interview questions to ask a babysitter. From their experience and certifications to availability and flexibility, these interview questions will give you a better picture of whether this is the right baby sitter for you.

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Women Are More Into Men Whose Sweat Smells Like Veggies, Seriously

A recent study showed that attraction may come from what your guy eats rather what he looks like.

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UrbanSitter Solves Your Summer Childcare Dilemmas (& Here’s $50 to Get Started)

Summer’s on the horizon and you’re excited to say “yes” to every fun moment that comes your way. Do so with no hesitation thanks to UrbanSitter.

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We Don’t Need A Break, We Need Eachother

Photo: shutterstock
“Do you even love me?”
As soon as the words left my lips I wanted to take them back. What if he said no? Why would I ask a question when I clearly wasn’t ready to hear the…

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The Hardest Lesson I Am Learning As Mom of a Toddler

Photo: Melissa Cooper
We all know parenting is hard. It’s like saying rock climbing blindfolded and handcuffed is hard. Little people are unpredictable. And even when they are generally good, they each have their days. Don’t we all?
Here’s the…

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Inside Woodinville Family Preschool with the Totally Awesome Awards 2016

Woodinville Family Preschool just won a Totally Awesome Award for A+ Preschool & Day Care in Seattle. We recently spoke to them about their experience as a business owner, the best advice they’ve ever received and more. Hear what they…

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Win a Birthday Party at Sprout SF + $100 Gift Certificate

If your youngster has a birthday coming up, we’ve got just the venue. Everybody’s fave kids boutique also plays hosts to parties and it’s the perfect spot to hold your celebration. Think of Sprout as a hub–part community, part friendly…

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Move It, Mama! Six Awesome Gym Alternatives for the New Year

Time to re-evaluate your exercise routine? Instead of getting back on the same old treadmill, try one of the following workouts, and torch calories at an impressive rate.

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