Virtual Kindergarten Readiness Works, According to New Study

The Ohio State University innovated with a four week remote program for Pre-K kids.

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Instagram for Kids Isn’t a Bad Idea. It’s a Terrible Idea

“Because I’m a parent and the founder of a tech company dedicated to improving technology for our children, the consequences feel obvious but here are all the reasons why this new platform is a hard ‘no’ from me.”

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New Study Shows How Therapy Dogs Impact Kids’ Social Skills

Therapy dogs can help children to learn social skills in a meaningful way.

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Mean or Bullying Behavior? Helping Kids Understand the Difference

“While context is important to understand meanness versus bullying, both behaviors are not okay and can be painful for kids as well as parents. Here’s how parents can respond to best support their kids.”

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Unpacking Dyslexia & How to Best Support Your Learner During COVID

“It was not until several years later after various assessments and many thousands of dollars that we confirmed my daughter was exhibiting signs of a language-based learning disorder dyslexia.”

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Mila Kunis - Cheetos Super Bowl

What Is Mila Kunis Hiding in the Cheetos Super Bowl Ad?

Shaggy advises her to say, “It wasn’t me!”

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Study Shows This Pet Companion Can Reduce Anxiety in Kids with Autism

Adopting a feline companion can have great benefits.

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Ashton Kutcher - Cheetos

Cheetos Releases Teaser for Super Bowl Ad Featuring Ashton Kutcher

What will he do with this Cheetle-coated evidence?

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Reindeer Games: 13 Cool Facts About Reindeer

Yes, reindeer are real and they even have been know to pull a sleigh, but here are a few facts about this animal you may not know.

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Study Shows Children With Autism & ADHD May Be Able to Be Identified Earlier

Kids will benefit from early assessment and interventions.

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These Moms Share How They’re Surviving Teething

No matter what you do, teething will happen. Here’s how to handle it, from the experts: moms who have been there!

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NOVA and PBS Digital Studios Premiere YouTube Series “Parentalogic”

The series approaches the challenges of raising children with scientific research and humor.

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Impress Your Little Paleontologist with a New Dino Fact

This is the first time that such an adaptation has been reported in a dinosaur.

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Can That Viral “Potatoes in Socks” Home Remedy REALLY Cure a Cold?

One mom swears by this potato trick during cold and flu season. But does it actually work?

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Study Says Ratio of Boys vs. Girls Merely Based on Chance Not Genetics

Having multiple children of the same sex does not run in families.

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Mother Father Baby

Study Shows How You Treat Your Partner Will Affect Your Child’s Future

Parental relationships shape a child’s future marriage.

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It’s Not Christmas without a Tree…or Fondue

“The decorating of our tree was a special event, an occasion my sister and I looked forward to every year. A small, but simultaneously monumental affair, it involved our considerable stash of ornaments, and fondue for six—served, in the living room, tree side with logs blazing in the fireplace. This was the 70s after all.”

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Debunking 4 Myths about Baby’s First Food

Turns out, the new American Academy of Pediatrics recommendation states that there is no scientific evidence to prove that foods need to be introduced in any particular order. The good news? You can now focus on variety and flavor from the start and help craft an adventurous eater in the process.

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Is This App as Good as Your Regular Birth Control? Science Thinks So

No matter your family building plans, this app is here to help.

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FDA Issues Safety Warning: Asbestos Found in Claire’s Makeup

Before you toss your whole kit and Caboodle—read this.

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Toss It or Keep It? What Parents Need to Know about Food Expiration Dates

Sell by? Use by? Here’s what all those confusing labels really mean.

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An Arts Education Makes Kids Better Writers & It Makes Them Better People, Too

Arts education can have important impacts on school kids long after they graduate.

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Is Screen Time That Harmful to Kids? (Yet Another) Study Weighs In

A new study out of the United Kingdom offers a new angle on how screen time affects kids.

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Will Your Baby Be a Righty or a Lefty? It Depends on How They Eat

Lefty or righty? This could be a major indicator.

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Doctors Give Birthing Moms the Green Light to Push When They Please

Ready to push? Doctors are giving the okay earlier.

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How Much Screen Time Should Kids Be Allowed? New Study Urges Stricter Limits

Screen time limits could have this significant impact on kids.

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Science Confirms Feeling “Hangry” Is 100 Percent Legit

Hungry? Science says stop what you’re doing and get a snack before it’s too late.

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