Dos & Don’ts for Postpartum Exercising

Research proves that the right exercises can positively benefit your body’s healing process and will also help boost your energy levels, your mood and your fitness.

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New Study Shows Swimming Can Boost Kids’ Learning Performance

And you can apply that to other forms of aerobic exercise!

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3 Tips for Getting Out of the Post Pandemic “Funk”

Exercise can increase your feel good hormones but if you are rolling your eyes at the thought of hitting the gym, know that a dance party in your living room can be just as effective.

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Can Stretch Marks Be Prevented?

The short answer? No. But there are some things you can do to mitigate them—none of which involve creams.

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4 Unexpected Life Lessons My Kids Are Learning from Our Dog

I have always been a dog lover. I grew up with a rotating pack of dogs who were way more than pets — they were true members of our family. They went on roadtrips with us, slept in our beds,…

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Teaching the Butterfly Perspective

“Playing with perspective supports the notion that we are not limited to seeing things from one viewpoint. We can go beyond our limitations of what we see by using the inventiveness of our imagination.”

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Let’s Get Physical! The Gear & Tips New Moms Need to Get Active

Here’s how to carve out the time and find the motivation to exercise after having a baby.

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Pregnancy exercise

Study Shows This Can Help Reduce Risk of Gestational Diabetes

Women who are active more during the first trimester may reap these benefits.

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Is Exercising Safe during Your Pandemic Pregnancy?

“Whether you are pregnant and thinking about starting a new exercise routine, or you are already used to an exercise regimen and wonder if it’s safe to continue now that you’re expecting, here are some important insights for you.”

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Has Pandemic Parenting Shaken Your Confidence? Here’s How to Find It Again

“If there is a lesson here, it is that sometimes it takes a shock to the system to rediscover what is most important to us.”

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7 Parenting Lessons I’ve Learned in 2020

“Call me a Pollyanna, but I always try to find the positive, even in challenging situations. Here are some things I’ve learned this year that I’m grateful for.”

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What Is Tech Shabbat and Why We Started It during the Pandemic

“The goal has been to significantly reduce our screen time (at least for one day) and spend some quality time together as a family. Six months later, we still have Saturday screen-free days and surprisingly, it’s gone better than expected.”

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Tummy Time Hacks by a Pediatric Physical Therapist

As a pediatric physical therapist and mom of two, not only have I been there, done that, but it’s actually my job to help parents and babies become tummy time masters!

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5 Reasons Why Getting Outside Benefits Parents Just as Much as Kids

“Leaving the house regularly for some time outdoors will get harder as we move towards winter, but the benefits are real—not just the kids but for parents too!”

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Failing to Prepare? Why Having a Morning Routine Is So Crucial

Photo: langll via pixabay
“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail,” Ben Franklin
Well said, Ben, and that wisdom definitely applies to life with three kids; especially our morning routine.

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And, I emphasize…

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OREO Is Getting These 2 New Flavors in 2021

Milk’s favorite cookie is getting a coffee-inspired updated.

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Swimply Lets Users Rent Private Pools By The Hour

Some owners will even allow the use of a fire pit or grill.

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As Women, We Cannot Have It All

“I thought that I could raise my boys, be a great wife, have a clean home, be a productive employee, volunteer with the best of them, exercise five days a week, get enough sleep and maintain a flawless manicure. I was wrong.”

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L.A.U.G.H: The App That Uses Art to Calm Kids

Check out this new (free!) app developed by a local artist that reduces anxiety and stress and provides a creative outlet for kids.

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How I Finally Shed My Baby Weight

“Losing weight is tough. These 5 tricks helped me to get rid of the stubborn pounds that plagued me after having a baby, and frankly, all my life.”

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Disney Family Exercise

Get Your Kids Up & Moving with These Fun Disney Workouts

All of the stretches and moves were developed with kids in mind.

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Help Ease Your Child’s Anxiety during COVID-19 with These 3 Tips

“Not all experiences in life have to be difficult, it is how we choose to react to these experiences that will shape how your children view fear and react to the world around them.”

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Little Shoppers Missing Their Grocery Trip? Try This Fun Game at Home

“This all-encompassing activity incorporates exercise (jumping jacks), math (counting, addition, subtraction), budgeting (shopping), science (food groups), and fine motor skills (cutting, gluing, coloring)!”

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16 Indoor Fitness Tips (Because You Can’t Go Outside)

Don’t let social distancing wreak your healthy workout plan.

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Airlines Must Issue Refunds for Flights Canceled Due to the Impact of COVID-19

Airline refund policies and practices will be monitored and action will be enforced as necessary.

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Escape Room

Get Lost At The Smithsonian with TEG Virtual Field Trips

Players progress through games by uncovering clues and solving puzzles.

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Kids Struggling at Bedtime? Try Night Yoga

“Especially in this challenging time when many of us are working from home and the children are not in school, we could all use some calm. Bonus: you don’t need special equipment and you can do it in your jammies!”

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How to Organize Your Life While Sheltering at Home

“Here are a few ways to gain a bit of sanity and get your family adjusted to the new norm.”

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Rainbow Walk

Bear Hunts and Rainbow Walks Help Lift Spirits

Getting out of the house to exercise and get some fresh air is recommended as long as you use social distancing practices.

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Work at Home Tips from Work from Home Pros

“My colleagues and I are work from home veterans, so we put together some tips, including some products we personally love, for staying productive from home.”

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YMCA Launches Free Online Classes During Social Distancing

YMCA 360 offers on-demand programs and digital coaching regardless if you have a Y membership.

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Postpartum Exercising: What You Need to Know

“For moms, exercise is a great way to socialize and get out of the house, increase their fitness, and live a healthy lifest‌yle. Research shows that exercising postpartum can reduce the chances of postpartum depression.”

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The Secret to Motivating Your Child to Exercise

“It’s important for parents to also exercise, so they can serve as good role models and ‘practice what they preach.’ Find activities the family can do together such as bike rides, walks, trips to the beach, or even sports.”

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