15 Things Every Daughter Needs to Hear from Her Dad

What we dads do with our daughters is important, of course, but what’s just as important is what we say to them.

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Noah’s Ark at the Skirball’s Video Series Brings Storytelling & Mindfulness Home

Mirroring their wildly popular award-winning interactive exhibit, Noah’s Ark at the Skirball: The Art of Imagination series is a suite of free virtual arts education resources developed for Pre-K through Grade 5 distance learning.

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This Journal Is Anti-Racist & Every Kid Needs One

It’s the official companion to “This Book Is Anti-Racist.”

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13 Fred Rogers Quotes about Kindness That We Need Now More Than Ever

It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood when you remember these important words of wisdom.

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Democracy Doodle

Mo Willems & the National Symphony Orchestra Launch Democracy Doodle 2020

Tune in to The Kennedy Center for this Election Night activity.

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Happy Socks X Mr. Potato Head

Mr. Potato Head Gets a Candy Colored Makeover Thanks to Happy Socks

The collection honors the icon and celebrates the fun he represents. 

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IKEA and the LEGO Group Introduce BYGGLEK

BYGGLEK allows creations to be built and displayed both inside and on top.

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Yo-Yo Ma Joins Raffi and Lindsay Munroe on “For All You Do”

The song is a thank you to essential workers during the pandemic.

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Clixo Gives a Modern Makeover to the Classic Building Toy

It combines the magic of origami with the ease of classic block building.

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Our Favorite Photos of the Peaceful Protests & #BLM Graffiti

Take a quick scroll to see how our favorite photos of the peaceful protests and pro-BLM graffiti that have popped up around town.

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5 Reasons to Sign Up for This Virtual Summer Camp Now

Your summer game plan may have changed this year, but no need to scrap the kid’s summer camp plans, too.

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New Online Storymakery Workshop Lets Kids Become Authors

Give your little authors their own byline.

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Girl peace sign

Raising Kids in an Image-Obsessed World

How to build your kid’s self-confidence, self-love, self-expression, and help them focus on how they feel rather than what they see.

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Freaky Friday: 13 Cool Things About the Number 13

It’s Friday the 13th. Here are 13 facts to bust out about the number 13.

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6 Positive Ways Kids Can Use Social Media

“Social media has its positive and negative sides. As parents, we can choose to either keep worrying about the dangers posed by social media or teach our kids to safely navigate this online world.”

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What Your Teen Can Teach You About Social Media

“As parents, maybe we can learn from our teenagers and acknowledge that there is so much more to social media than the negatives.”

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4 Tips for Setting Family Goals

“Make the most of the New Year by making resolutions as a family. Involve your kids in the process—it could be so successful this could become your next family tradition!”

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Proof Your Reactions as a Parent Shape Your Child’s World View

When I was a psychology major in college, over two decades ago, I studied an experiment called The Visual Cliff, that fascinated me then but resonates even louder with me now. Originally the experiment was intended to examine infant depth…

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These Celebrity Parents and Kids Totally Won Halloween

These celebs and their families have some of the best Halloween costumes of the year.

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The Urban Dictionary for Parents (Abridged)

Ever feel like the tweens and teens around you are speaking another language? We can help.

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Gwyneth Paltrow Consciously Coupled in Secret—Here’s Her Sly Wedding Announcement

Of course her announcement didn’t have a caption, but a picture says 1,000 words.

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What Happened When I Let My Kid Say “Crap”

“My mom lets me say the C-word now!”

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We Don’t Have to Cut Our Son’s Hair—& You Can’t Make Us, Either

“That’s it! We’re cutting it off!” I announced to my thoroughly exasperated husband after the most recent bout of screaming, tears, and thrown hairbrushes. (The thrown hairbrushes were on the part of my two-year-old, but it’s possible some of the…

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Want Your Child to Be the Next Taylor Swift? Do These 3 Things

All children have the capacity to creatively push themselves.

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How You Can Get Direct, Instagram’s Awesome New Messaging App

It’s been seven years since the world was graced by Instagram, the photo sharing app that turned selfies into a natural form of self-expression. In a new report from The Verge, it looks like Instagram is about to undergo a…

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Barbie and Crayola Are Launching an Amazing New Product Line

Two of your kiddo’s favorite brands are coming together to create something totally new for the holidays.

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These Are the New Trends in Toys That Teach

Toy makers are listening to what parents want in their kids’ toys and responding in a big way.

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Comfort Me With a Casserole and Red Wine

For nearly everyone, food is the curative elixir we reach for to comfort our souls, whether we are stressed, sick, sad or depressed and to accentuate our joys and celebrations.

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The idea of food as…

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This Mom Takes Fantastically Spooky Pics of Her Kids

This photographer and mama is snapping pics of her kids in some impressively iconic Halloween-themed images.

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Calling All Kids of the ’90s: Tamagotchi Is Back!

Now your kids can adopt this virtual pet from your childhood.

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My Preschooler Yelled out “Damn It” and This is How I Reacted

I know that my mom often says “Damn it!” (gently) when she drops things or makes a mistake. I’m not sure I remember it from my childhood though, and certainly didn’t realize I picked up the habit myself until my…

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This Surprise Pregnancy Announcement Is Just Too Cute

This future mama made the moment extra memorable by using a photo session to share the news.

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Monuments Go! New App Makes Exploring the National Mall a Game

Likened to Pokenom Go, this new app encourages kids to walk from monument to monument in search of a challenge.

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