52 Corny Dad Jokes That Are Actually (Pretty) Funny

These ones will definitely keep your kids laughing even while rolling their eyes.

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Why Your December Baby Is Less Cranky (According to Studies)

This is why people born in December are a true gift.

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26 Hoptacular Easter Jokes for Kids

Looking for a few good yolks? You’ve come to the right place.

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Dear Working Moms: I Now Understand

I had no idea the amount of effort it took to be a working parent until I had my little one in 2015 and my plans to be a fantastic teacher while being a fantastic parent, went up in flames.

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Many Women Don’t Know about This Surprising Pregnancy Symptom

You probably know about morning sickness, but this common symptom isn’t always obvious.

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Why Outdoor Play Matters

I was never a fan of stories that started with, “When I was a kid…” but, here I am, starting my story with, “When I was a kid…”—because when I was a kid, things were different. Kids would play outside…

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This Is How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love Turning 40

Eyesight really is the first to go. Or is that memory? I can’t remember.
But my eyesight is going. I went 40 years with perfect vision then poof! I’m blind. I have to pull things so far away from my…

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Parent Wars: Mom Moves Vs. Dad Doing

It seems that in general moms and dads have very different ways of parenting. Neither is right or wrong. per say. Just different. Check these funnies out and decide for yourself.

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At least daddy has…

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Rhino Kid

Photo: National Geographic Little Kids Website
My Big Bird (i.e., the oldest of my three kids, a seven year old) recently had a first grade animal project. He selected a rhinoceros. He had to make a poster with a series of…

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Click Away for 10 Cool Dolphin Facts

Read up on a few cool facts about these highly intelligent (and super cute) aquatic beings.

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Black, White & Red All Over: High Contrast Baby Goodies

Baby’s vision isn’t fully developed yet and he’s drawn to high contrast, black and white patterns. Stimulate your baby’s vision with one of these 12 toys, blankets, books and artworks.

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The South Loop Gets a Green Play Space

Little sprouts in the South Loop have a new place to play. Sod Room, an eco-friendly play space for crawlers through kindergarteners, has just opened in the historic Buick Building.
It’s a modern wonderland with an outdoors-y feel. But think…

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