Keeping Your Family Safer Near Water This Summer

May is National Water Safety Month, and it’s an important reminder to ensure your children know how to stay safe both in and around the water!

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Being Okay with the Stage of Motherhood You’re In Now

Photo: Bruno Nascimento via Unsplash
I just finished an early morning exercise class. It was only 45 minutes long. By about minute 40, right when the final stretch got underway, I took a second to look around. Half the class…

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Red Onions Linked to Salmonella Outbreak

Immediately discard these products and disinfect any surfaces that came into contact with the onions.

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Now You Can Stream “The Hate U Give” for Free

The movie is also available to purchase at a discount.

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The FDA Just Approved a New Peanut Allergy Treatment for Kids

This new drug marks a positive step towards preventing severe symptoms.

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4 Reasons Why Any Parent Could Forget a Baby in Their Car

It turns out 2018 was the highest year on record for tragic pediatric vehicular heatstroke and experts agree this can happen to even the most devoted parents. Here are four reasons why it can happen to anyone plus one easy solution that can help avoid a potential tragedy.

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The Skies Just Got Friendlier to Fly for Kids with Food Allergies

This airline now allows pre-boarding in an allergy-friendly way.

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Recall Alert: This Infant Cough Syrup Could Have Harmful Bacteria

Is your baby’s cough syrup on the recall list?

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People Who Work in These Industries Are More Likely to Have an Affair

The data shows that 13 fields have a higher percentage of self-confessed adulterers in their numbers than others. 

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Recall Alert: Peaches Sold at Costco, Walmart, Aldi & More Could Have Listeria

Movin’ to the country, gonna eat a lot of peaches—actually, don’t.

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If Your Kids Play Outside, Check If Your City Is on This List—& Get Your Bug Spray

Some areas are more prone to disease-carrying mosquitoes than others

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Recall Alert: This Cereal Has Caused Salmonella Outbreak in 31 States

If you’ve got this in your pantry, read this ASAP.

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Is It Safe to Give Your Baby Teething Medicine? The FDA Issues New Warning

Your little love feeling the pain of those very first chompers breaking through. You want to do everything you can to make them feel better. Right? And that may involve using a numbing gel on their precious little gums. But…

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Coming Back Home—Again

John Denver wrote the song “Back Home Again” to express the joy and comfort of being close to loved ones after a difficult time away.

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Claire’s Is Pulling Their Kids’ Makeup Products After a Family Finds Asbestos

If you purchased glitter makeup for your child from this retailer, you need to read this.

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Video of Kids Interrupting Mom During a Video Shoot Is Every Mom’s Struggle

This hilarious video of an Arab woman being interrupted by her children is every mom.

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RECALL: Eggo Waffles Recalled Amid Listeria Fears


The Kellogg Company has voluntarily recalled around 10,000 cases of theirKellogg’s Eggo Nutri-Grain Whole Wheat Waffles amid fears of listeria. Although there have been no reports of hospitalization or illnesses from customers, the company believes the particular frozen breakfast…

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We are a little bit scared of our toddler…

Photo: our photo
I have a secret to share… well, it might not really be much of a secret amongst parents of toddlers out there but it’s hard to say out loud nonetheless.
We are a little bit scared of…

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Guns & Playdates — The Tough Questions

Photo: Markus Spiske
My oldest is at the age where play dates are in full swing. They are still supervised by parents, but I know that in the blink of an eye, he’ll be asking to go to his friends…

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