28 Phrases to Help Calm an Anxious Kid

Simple things like “let’s count to 20 together” are a huge help.

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My Kids Kept Having Tantrums & This Is How We Fixed It

Children naturally act out to test their boundaries and to learn more about life. When they do, it’s our job to figure out the underlying cause and help address the issue.

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How to Support a Mama Grieving Her Miscarriage

Photo: Briana Tozour via Unsplash
Authors’s Note: The following article is about miscarriage. Currently, many who suffer miscarriages suffer alone and those who do share their stories often aren’t met with the support they need. This is a PSA as…

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April Reruns Bring May Fun with Season 2 of Bluey

Disney+ will stream 51 more episodes of the popular animated Australian TV show.

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11 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Becoming a Step-Parent

Photo: Skitterphoto via Pexels.com
For a lot of parents, the idea of becoming a step-parent would be out of the question. But for many others, when the love for a partner and their kids is so great, you don’t question…

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A Call for Resilience, Resourcefulness & Gratitude

“Rather than panic, let’s define our future with gratitude and resilience, and show our kids how it’s done. That’s the best lesson we can teach them.”

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I’m Scared for Our Daughters

“As I raise daughters in today’s world, I am often scared. Scared for their safety and for mine.”

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woman holding seedling

Miscarriage: A Story of Hope

“I only wished to be numb to get a break from the sharp points of the pain. That winter is over now, but remnants of snow and ice still linger and always will.”

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tree climbing

Why I Parent from a Place of Love & Not Fear

“Losing my last born son has not made me coddle my remaining two children. Surprisingly, it has given me more confidence as a mother. I know what it’s like to lose a child, and I no longer fear death.”

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Pinkalicious Is Back with An All-New Book

This new children’s read is coming next fall.

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Babies Who Do This Grow Up to Be More Cooperative & Compassionate, Study Finds

This baby behavior could tell you if you’re in for an easier road with your toddler.

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Why I See Labels Not Limits

“That label got my son everything he needed and more. That label took away his limitations. It gave him a fighting chance.”

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To the Mom Parenting a Child with Aggression Issues

“I see your eyes, darkened with sadness, your cheeks, tear-stained from not just the physical pain but the emotional pain. I know your fear. I live it too.”

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This New Picture Book Helps Kids Understand Anxiety

“Puppy In My Head,” by Elsie Gravel, introduces a sweet puppy named Ollie as a metaphor for anxious feelings.

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Sesame Workshop & Viatris Inc. Launch Resources for the Upcoming Holiday Season

New animations and materials addresses key emotions that families are feeling during the pandemic.

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The Day I Finally Lost It

“Everything felt hard today. I couldn’t prioritize or make the right decisions. So I walked and I cried. And I never cry. I just don’t, ever. But today, I couldn’t fight it.”

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Score Some Treats (No Tricks) at DQ This Halloween

Ghosts, ghouls and creepy clowns may give you a fright this Halloween. Fans who visit DQ on Oct. 31 have nothing to fear if they are looking for a delicious meal and a great deal. At participating DQ locations, for…

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What Should Children Be Allowed to Read?

Photo: Annie Spratt via Unsplash
When I was a child, there was no way my parents could censor my reading. I simply read too fast and too much for them to keep up.
Once, though, I got hold of a…

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New “Llama Llama” Book to Debut This November

Looks like Llama Llama has a wiggly tooth!

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The One Thing All Babies Grow & Benefit from (& It’s Free!)

Doing this one thing will greatly improve your baby’s synaptic development, will challenge their senses, and increase their strength and balance—just to name a few!

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Julie Andrews/Story Pirates

Julie Andrews Guest Stars on The Story Pirates Podcast

Original stories written by kids are turned into a hilarious podcast.

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The Child-Inspired Cereal Has Arrived & Here’s Where to Find It

The limited-edition cereal is just as cute as Baby Yoda!

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The Importance of Practicing Gratitude & Appreciation

“Take a moment to step back and show gratitude for all the awesome things going on in your life and all across the world! Your mental health depends on it!”

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How I Finally Found a Way to Enjoy Mother’s Day

“For years I’ve secretly hated Mother’s Day. Over time I’ve held high expectations that turned to high hopes and then into dread.”

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Shrinking the Worry Monster When Worries Are Real

“Learning to shrink the ‘Worry Monster’ has never been so important and with these tools, you and your kids can practice ways to reduce the worry in your lives.”

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To the Mom Who Left Her Abuser

“To the brave mamas that scooped up her children, without a dime in her pocket or any idea how she was going to make it, and chose to save herself and her family from any more pain at the hands of their abuser—I think you’re brave.”

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