How Your Kid Really Wants You to Behave on the Sidelines

“Parents assume we know how our kids want us to act. But it’s actually a lot more nuanced and complex than parents think.”

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My Son Is Teaching Me to Love My Flaws

“My son loves a part of me that I find hard to, and that changes the way I see it.”

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A Simply Complicated Life

“It’s okay to be a stay-at-home mom and miss the busyness and productivity of the workforce. It’s also okay to be a working mom and miss the quiet morning snuggles and afternoons at the park.”

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3 Ways to Stop Beating Yourself Up and Be a Better Parent

Most parents struggle with feelings of guilt over thoughts they are not doing a good enough job for their kids. One study from the UK found parents feel guilty at least 23 times a week!

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I’m Glad I Had A Child Before Marriage

Photo: Pixabay
When imagining their lives in the future, I’m willing to bet there aren’t many people out there who want to get in a relationship, have a baby, and then get married. From childhood we have been taught that…

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Yes, My Husband Buys My Pads and Tampons. No, He is Not Embarrassed.

Photo: Caden Crawford
Last night my husband ran to the store for me to pick up some sanitary products. He made a comment about another woman being in the aisle with him.  
And it got me thinking about how many…

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Parents Suffering From “Baby Name Regret” Change Daughter’s Name

Baby name regret. It happens. Click through to read about this mom’s experience.

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