Why We Need to Celebrate Successes Big & Small

“When you get an opportunity to celebrate success, take it. There’s no guarantee of a tomorrow.”

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Poop Is on Everything

“And other facts that will make your life a whole lot easier.”

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Loving My Flaws

“I’m never going to be a fabulous DIY mom and my house isn’t ever going to be decluttered. But I’m always going to be a mom who shows up for my kids and who my kids can count on.”

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Thank You, Boobs

“I sobbed. I blubbered. I was breathless, unable to utter a sentence. My husband insisted on video chatting with me from work. He praised me for being strong but I was going to miss spending time with that sweet little baby, who always held my hand as he fed.”

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The Problem with Compromising

“In marriage, just like in life, we can’t always get what we want. And just because we want something doesn’t mean it’s what we need. But when we need something, it is essential to make sure our needs are met.”

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Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions for Real Moms

Rather than make resolutions you surely won’t keep, why not make a list of goals that you are positively going to accomplish? Bragging rights totally optional.

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Dealing with Bullies: A Personal Story

Photo: Ruthi Davis Photography
Being bullied can hurt. You feel miserable and lonely, and you don’t want to go to school. Whether the bully is a boy or a girl, and the behavior is verbal or physical, it is always wrong. 
My Story


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10 Tips for Moms (Yes Moms!) Going Back to School

Going back to school as an adult can be scary but rewarding. These tips will help you get ready for your first day and help prepare you for success.

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How to Win the Battle against Picky Eaters

Eventually, your picky eater will outgrow their very picky ways but in the meantime, here are four tricks to help keep your child’s pallet and nutrition on track for a happy, healthy future.

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Worried You Drink Too Much Coffee? It Could Be a Good Thing

Exhausted moms rejoice and celebrate with another cup.

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When Bright Children Struggle to Learn: How to Build Confidence & Joy

There are many students in classrooms across America—bright, yet with learning differences, who struggle to learn.

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A Letter to My Middle Child

“I want to—and I try my best—but your brother and sister need me, too.”

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Amazon Echo

Parents Are Loving Amazon Alexa for This Clever Reason

Amazon Alexa can do a whole lot more and parents are taking advantage of it with their families.

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This Is What It’s Really Like to Have a Kid with Celiac Disease

Just over a year ago, we found out that our son has celiac disease. Celiac has many different symptoms and ways of showing its ugly head.  Our story is different from many others because Parker has silent celiac. His kind…

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Sometimes, Mama Just Needs a Break

Moms should be allowed to just NOT for a day.

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The 9 Things I Need My Son to Know

Finding out we were having a baby was exciting. We looked forward to the new addition to our family, and we felt semi-ready for the change. Of course, we could never have predicted what parenting is really all about. I…

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The Real Reasons Moms Get Nothing Done

There are two main reasons why moms get nothing done. As moms, we have a lot of responsibilities and it’s overwhelming. So, some stuff just isn’t going to get finished. But, when being overwhelmed is a way of life, here…

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11 Things I’ve Learned to Stop Apologizing For

Photo: pixabay

How often do we start our sentences with “Sorry, I …”
Or, maybe you aren’t starting your sentences with “Sorry…” but you are feeling bad or guilty for saying no or disagreeing with something.

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What I’ve Learned by Playing Pokemon Go with My Kids

I used to struggle with an internal guilt. All the articles about the negative impacts of electronics on kids…On the other hand, how could this family fun be a bad thing?

On the other hand, how could all this family fun be a bad thing?

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The Podcast You Need in Your Life: One Bad Mother

Comedy podcast One Bad Mother has parents standing up and cheering. Meet the moms behind this hilariously real (and positive) take on motherhood.

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This Genius Plate Will Make Your Kid Eat All Their Dinner – No Really

Got a picky eater? Turn mealtime into a game with this clever tray.

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Why You Shouldn’t Feel Bad That My Husband Doesn’t Have Sons

Now that our oldest two are at the ages of understanding what’s being said around them and picking up on just about everything (little sponges) I cringe every time this topic is brought up, I’m smiling on the outside but…

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6 Tools of Spiritual Awareness that Helped My Family Flourish

Photo: 65294
As soon as I became a mom I knew I would want to pass on some spiritual tools to my kids. However, unlike organized religion, passing on spiritual awareness is a little less structured in the filtering down…

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I Fed My Kids Pop-Tarts For Lunch: 11 Other Ways I Was an Okay Mom Today

I hate to disappoint you, but I’m not super mom every day of the week. Sure, I totally am at least two days a week (Tuesdays and Thursdays usually) <—insert sarcasm. Monday’s are the worst for me, though. I always…

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Spring Cleaning: How I Declutter (Or Maybe Not)

Photo: pixabay.com
My kids are 13 and 6. So I don’t have to tell you how much “stuff” we accumulate around the house. If there are not a thousand small stuffed animals, then there are an ever growing collection of…

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7 Things to Not Apologize For When You Have Little Ones

Photo: Angela Strand
I listen to women talk and I can’t help but notice how many are apologizing for what they love, saying they’re sorry when they’re sticking with their gut feeling and acting unworthy when they try to make…

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Organizing After the Death of a Parent

One of the toughest things to organize is the client who has suffered a loss of a loved one. We all suffer from a death at some point in our lives. We all deal with it in different ways. Often…

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What Would Your Kids Bury in a Time Capsule?

What would you have your kids bury in a time capsule? Would you jave them put pictures?, CD’s/ Concert tickets?, maybe a video of themself or letter to their future themself’s. Many people bury time capsule’s all over the world. Many school have their…

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Does Having Children Really Change Who You Are?

Photo: Family photo of mom and I
As I was walking home from dropping off our kids at school with my neighbor, he confided in me that his daughter had come home to him the night before in tears. He…

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The Dishes Can Wait and Other Lies

“They’re only young once.”
The words are superimposed on an idyllic picture of a child in nature or a beach with footprints leading to the horizon. There’s always a hazy filter. The bottom caption implores you to leave a counter…

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4 Things My ADHD Son Wants Grown-Ups to Know

I was talking with my 12 year old son the other day about a girl he likes in school.
“She’s the most popular girl but some people say really mean things about her.”

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“What do…

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