What Experts Say about Anxiety & Kids

How you can best validate your kid’s feelings—the physical, emotional, and the connection between them—according to the experts.

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Want a Better Night’s Sleep for the Whole Family? These Tips Can Help

“Create a space where you want your family to feel calm, relaxed, and peaceful. It should be clean and orderly, laying the foundation for a good night’s rest.”

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How to Raise Empathetic Kids

To learn and practice empathy, we’ll need to begin within.  Yes y’all!  I’m talking about that ‘heart work’.

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Baby Not Sleeping a Wink? Here’s What You Need to Do

Photo: Sarah Shreves
The first three months of life are often referred to as the fourth trimester when your little one is still adjusting to life outside of the womb. During this adjustment, baby is depending on you to lead in…

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10 Ways to Survive When Your Kid Wakes Up Super Early

Remember the days when you actually needed an alarm clock? Neither do we.

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This Post About Long-Term Relationships Will Make You Appreciate Your Partner

This message will make you look at marriage with kids in a whole new way.

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6 Great Lessons You Learn from Your First Pregnancy

The day you become a mother will be one of those memories that polaroid themselves into your mind forever. The way the heart just grows beyond explanation and how mother’s intuition just kicks in all on its own. It is the exact…

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Happy Mom Tip #30: Learn Something New

This week’s tip: Learn Something New.
Your kids are back in school; should you be, too?

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Our brains grow and change throughout adulthood depending on what we do with them.  Do a lot of math,…

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Happy Mom Tip #23: Expose Yourself to Someone Else’s Pain

This week’s tip: Expose yourself to someone else’s pain.
Often, we avoid pain (our own or others’) in an attempt to be happy. But when we ignore or deny another person’s pain, we miss an opportunity to feel good. Yes,…

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Happy Mom Tip #19: Get Out into Nature

This week’s tip: get out into nature!
When we are sick, a view of nature can help us heal faster. When we are distracted, a view of nature can help us regain our focus. And when we are stressed, images…

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