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I’ve Almost Forgotten What the Real World Is like

“I know I will drive to work again, and walk on tropical beaches with my husband again, and dance at weddings again, and sit in crowded stands with other parents sharing Cheez-Its again. And I’m going to appreciate them like never before.”

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Christmas Cookies

America’s Test Kitchen Kids Announces #CookiesFromKids Campaign

They will donate $1 to No Kid Hungry for every photo posted on Instagram using the hashtag.

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Beat the Long-Distance Blues: 9 Tips for Surviving (and Enjoying!) Holidays Away from Family

Love the ones you’re with this holiday season with these tips on how to make spirits bright even when family is far apart.

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Zulily Launches “The Late Night Shop For Mom”

These nightly deals are designed to provide fun and calm in the new normal.

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It’s Time to Let Go of the Ideal & Parent for Real

“Do we hold kids precious and protect them from this reality, or do we help them to navigate within and adapt to it? Which will help them to thrive more in the long term? My vote: Let go of ‘ideal’ and parent for real.”

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Gerber baby

Gerber Celebrates Winner of 10th Annual Photo Search

She was chosen from more than 327,000 entries.

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6 Tips for Helping Children Grieve

“Young children need to know that if they have lost someone close, be it friend, pet or family member, it is okay to feel upset and miss the person they are grieving. Here are 6 tips to help them grieve in a healthy way.”

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Science Has an Awesome Reason to Get Lost in a Good Book with Your Kid

Reading with your kids is a great way to bond, but it also has some amazing health benefits, too.

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Quality Time Over Quantity: What Our Kids *Really* Need from Us

Get the kids to school then get to work, or get back home to care for younger children during the day. Pick up the kids from school and make sure they get to their after-school activities. Get everyone home, get…

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Here’s Why You Should Give Big on Giving Tuesday

Here’s how you can participate in this charitable day of giving.

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What to Do When Your Kiddo Plays Favorites

From time-to-time I answer readers questions on my website, and this one comes up a lot:
QUESTION: Sometimes my 3-year-old can be sort of mean to her dad–like when he goes to get her in the morning she will scream…

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Why It’s Important You Show Affection Towards Your Kids

How often do you show your kids affection?

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We’re Rooting For You: A Letter Every Teenager Needs To Read

Photo: amy betters-midtvedt
This one is for big kids, the almost young adults, the friends and classmates of my kids and all the students I have known. It needs to be written before you all think I am a certified…

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Getting Through The Rough Patches: 13 Ways To Transform Your Marriage

Photo: Amanda Elder
When things break, different sides are exposed in different lights. It can be painful, but insightful. Relationship struggles aren’t necessarily a sign that things are doomed, but instead an invitation to learn more about yourself, your partner,…

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3 Things You Should Never Say to New Parents

In an essay originally published on Red Tricycle’s Spoke Contributor Network, hear one dad’s take on what you should and should not say to new parents.

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An Abundance of Daughters

In the last two weeks I’ve had over a dozen run-ins with complete strangers who have raised all girls. Some with four. Most with three. All without boys. I know my situation makes me aware of these things more than normal and…

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I Wasn’t Happy as a Mom Til I Was Something Else, Too

As my husband was leaving for work today, the baby was sleeping, our preschooler was playing, and I was sitting down to write. Jokingly he said, “Alright, enjoy your day of leisure while I’m off slaving.” I looked at him…

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