5 Things Doctors Want You to Know About Your Child’s Health

Whether your little one has a bump, scrape or break, or something more serious, keeping your kids healthy and happy is a challenge every parent faces. Luckily, when your child does need more serious care, healthcare experts specializing in tiny…

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family reuniting

Breaking the Evil Stepmother Stereotype

“Being a stepparent can be as simple or as difficult as all the parties involved choose to make it.”

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Blaming versus Giving the Benefit of the Doubt

What does attribution style have to do with parenting? A lot more than you realize.

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4 Skills to Help Kids (and Parents) Resolve Conflict during the Holidays & Beyond

“Try using the four C’s of Conflict Resolution: Calm, Curiosity, Collaboration, and Connection when conflict emerges this holiday season.”

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The Mental & Social Challenges of a Unique School Year

“According to the experts, one of the best things parents can do is to help children articulate and define what they’re feeling.”

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This is the One Thing You Need to Do to Raise Strong Girls

Photo: Photo by Kseniya Petukhova on Unsplash
I’ll never forget the day I truly felt affirmed in my job. I have a unique role as a teacher, life coach, and mentor all wrapped up in one. One afternoon I was…

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What Our Kids Are Trying to Tell Us—by How They Treat Their Siblings

“If there is ever going to be a behavioral change, it was critical that my friend talk to her daughter about her actions.”

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How Parents Can Empower Their Kids in the Era of #MeToo

Here’s what parents should tell sons and daughters alike when it comes to the #MeToo movement and their personal safety.

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Mom & Me Journals Are a Simple, Sweet Way I Connect with My Kids

Sweet, simple tips on how you and your littles can connect through Mom & Me journals.

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