New Research Finds *This* Is the Best Place in the World to Raise a Child

This new survey shows how parents in America feel about raising children.

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No Birth Plan Includes the NICU: What to Do If You Find Yourself There

“No parent imagines themselves navigating the NICU until it actually happens, but my hope is that from the journey we walked, I can help another mom or dad prepare for what navigating the NICU might look like.”

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Is Baby’s Bedtime a Dream or a Nightmare?

“A heavenly bedtime routine really depends on how you look at getting the kids to bed and determining what’s right (or not) for you and your family. Every family should feel comfortable with their own routines and choices.”

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Raising Boys: How to Encourage Emotional Expression

“The outside world is trying its best to toughen up my sons. I hope showing them that it’s okay for a man to talk about and show emotions will, in turn, help them be more comfortable sharing and expressing their own feelings.”

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So, Your Kid Needs Glasses—Now What? 5 Things Every Parent Should Know

Finally hearing the words from your child’s physician can be overwhelming. Here’s how to cope.

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Advice to a Newly Single Mom: It’s Not Going To Be Easy but It Doesn’t Have To Be Hard

Mommy-hood sprung on you like flowers in the springtime, after the stork dropped a bundle of joy at your door and forgot to leave the dad. Devastating, but not the end of the world.

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Why I Refuse to Buy My Child Twinkle Toes

Photo: Nordstrom.com
In the world of parenting there are long lists of “Things My Cild is Obsessed With That I Secretly Loathe.” In the two years I’ve been a mom the top ranking choices seem to be:
1. Calliou (need…

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