Beep Beep! Little Tikes Now Has a Floating Cozy Coupe

The iconic toy car is ready for a swim.

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The Surprising Thing a Pixar Movie Taught Me about Raising a Teenager

“When your teenager is grumpy and wants to be left alone, be relentless and let your unconditional love shine through. The ending is worth it.”

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The Secret to Raising Successful Readers

“Parents often establish a bedtime routine with children around this activity but there’s no reason you can’t enjoy it together any time!”

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Anchoring Your Family Values

“When your values are unclear or not practiced, it can be difficult to be consistent with decision making, disciplining, and just finding an overall direction.”

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Newborn baby

New Study Shows That Babies Are Hardwired to See Faces and Places

New research shows that a baby’s brain is more adult-like than previously thought.

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20 Things Your Mom Was Right About

We asked a panel of moms to share the one thing that their mom really did know best.

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6 Signs Your Kids Are Ready for a Sleepover (& 10 Things That’ll Make Them Feel Safe)

She’s set up camp in your living room plenty of times. Here’s how to know if she’s ready to take the next step.

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How About Sleep Helping Instead of Sleep Training?

Photo: Denise Stern
At Let Mommy Sleep we’ve counseled thousands of parents on sleep; sleep hacks, safe sleep, getting twins to sleep in the same room and of course sleeping through the night.  While we’ve been privileged to teach our…

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Win a $200 UrbanSitter Gift Certificate

They’re the savior of Date Night and the perfect backup plan when Mom and Dad are overbooked and the kiddos need a fun supervisor. If you haven’t already jumped on board the Urban Sitter bandwagon, you’re missing out on a…

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