5 Pieces of Timeless & Relevant Advice from My Mom

“It is important to tell the people you love and care about how you feel, not to hold back. For, in the end, it’s the relationships we have with the people we love that truly matters.”

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Planning & Preparing Teen Girls for the Future

How to simultaneously teach teen girls to be confident and brave as they step into the future.

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Are Dog Owners Happier Than Cat Owners? New Research Makes No Bones about It

In the battle of cats versus dogs, it’s these humans who win.

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Dear Parents: Give Yourself Permission for the Holidays

“Each year, there’s more and more chatter about the stress of the holidays—and less about the magic.”

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Success Isn’t Black & White for Kids—It’s a Spectrum

“Perfection doesn’t equal success in my book.”

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Speed of Life Too Fast? How to STOP When You Feel Overwhelmed

What’s the top cause of stress for working parents? For many of us, it is trying to balance the responsibilities of being a loving, caring parent who can be there for our kids, and being successful in our careers and…

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Why Your Happiness Is Medicine for Your kids

Your Kids Need You (but not in the way you think)

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On the road there would be times when I’d feel stressed or anxious about things, and I would turn to my kids and see…

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10 Steps to De-Clutter House and Home

Photo: Shutterstock
As a kid I was a bit of a mess (totally) compared to my older brother, whose desk was always neat and perfect. Even today, my desk looks like heck. I know where everything is, but nobody else…

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5 Ways to Make a Kid-Friendly Smart Home

Photo: Flickr
A lot of homeowners dream about having a property that can actually take care or itself as well as the people inside it. This is one of the best reasons why more and more smart devices are getting…

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JetBlue Rewards Passengers for Crying Babies

We all know that traveling with a baby can be hellish, not only for the mom and dad, but for the other passengers too. Jet Blue recently released a video called “FlyBabies” in which the airline awarded passengers 25% off …

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Happy Mom Tip #22: Let Yourself Feel What You Feel

This week’s tip: Let yourself feel what you feel.
When we feel stressed out (or sad or disappointed, for that matter) life offers a host of ways to not really feel those negative feelings. (For example: drugs and alcohol. Facebook.…

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