I Found My Mom Tribe in the Least Likely Place

This place was full of amazing women who accepted me for who I was, and I quickly realized I was just being myself when I was there because I felt comfortable in that environment—no mom act, no trying to fit in.

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Wait…Breastfeeding isn’t normal?

So…someone forgot to tell me that breastfeeding isn’t “normal.”
One afternoon I was nursing my three month old daughter at a local pizzeria – momma’s gotta eat and at that moment so did my daughter. Anyway, a woman came up…

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Why My Kids Will Always Be the Most Beautiful Thing in My World

I might not be looking at breathtaking vistas anymore, but I’ve got something much sweeter and infinitely more beautiful.

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This Is What Happened When I Let Go of All My Expectations about Being a Mom

It was our first big trip as a family of four and we’d planned it for months. Our son had just turned nine months old and we finally felt comfortable lugging around a Pack ‘n Play and setting up shop…

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Here’s What I Can Truthfully Say about Breastfeeding

Through all my breastfeeding challenges, I somehow emerged as a mom who still champions it for others.

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We Test-Drove the New Fire Kids Edition Tablet and Here’s What We Discovered

Find out what one mom and her six-year-old daughter had to say about the new Fire Kids Edition Tablet.

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