9 Organizations to Support Black Women, Children & Transpeople

These organizations support equality and social justice.

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6 Books About Motherhood that Aren’t All About Motherhood

This list is the output of reading more than 100 books over the past four years. I hope they make you feel seen, celebrated, and perfect just as you are, wherever you are on your path in parenthood. They are highly feminist and written by women I admire. Motherhood is messy and it’s beautiful and I’m so happy I get to share it with you.

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My Little Golden Book About Ruth Bader Ginsburg

This New RBG Book Will Inspire a New Generation of Readers

Introduce your little one to this feminist icon.

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7 Easy Ways to Connect with Your Kids at Dinner Time

Spark up meaningful conversations every family dinner when you have one of these conversation starter packs.

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Warning: These Classic Movies Include Racist Stereotypes

Our friends at Common Sense Media pulled together a list of classic movies that bolster negative perceptions, justify prejudice, and reinforce unsympathetic views about particular groups that make them absolutely cringe-worthy today.

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Little Feminist Releases 3 New Inclusive Board Books for Toddlers

Add inclusivity to your child’s library with this series.

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These 4 Books Are the Perfect Baby Shower Gifts

Ditch the onesies and opt for these great reads that baby and mama can enjoy together.

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15 of the Wildest & Weirdest Names Parents Named Their Babies in 2017

You’re not going to believe some of the names on this list.

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J. Crew Released a Feminist T-Shirt for Boys & People Had LOTS of Thoughts

The phrase “I am a feminist too” printed on a child’s t-shirt has elicited quite the reaction online.

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International Women’s Day . . . Chicago Style!

Get the scoop on how and where to celebrate International Women’s Day in Chicago.

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There’s a “Charmed” Reboot in the Works, but Not Everyone Thinks It’ll Be Magical

The CW just announced plans to resurrect “Charmed,” but with a twist.

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Parents Are Loving the New Feminist Icon in ‘Cars 3’

A new female character in Pixar’s latest Cars series is burning up the track on social media.

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My Daughter Is SUPER Girly And it Scared Me

When I was a kid, I played with toy cars in the mud, built fantastic castles out of primary colored LEGO, and ran around in the wilderness of my backyard, sometimes encountering deer and coyote. I wasn’t a total tomboy,…

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A World Class (and Kid-Friendly) Museum in the Outer Boroughs

Sure, you can’t throw a stone in Manhattan without hitting a world-class art collection, but as with everything else in Brooklyn right now, the hot borough’s signature museum is giving art-lovers a reason to cross the bridge. And because it’s…

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