3 Tips to Increase Your Chances of Successfully Conceiving

“A list of things you can do to increase your chances of successfully conceiving as quickly as possible. And even better news—all of these are relatively inexpensive and can be done from home!”

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How Losing My Mind Turned Out to Be the Best Spring Cleaning Ever

When you have three kids in a span of 42 months, a lot of chaos crams into the space of everyday living. My boy, boy, and girl munchkins in that order were eight, six, and four when I lost my…

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Del Rey Luminous Cover

“Star Wars: The High Republic” Revealed: New Books Delve into Jedi Saga

These stories thaks place two hundred years before the events of Star Wars: The Phantom Menace.

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Are You Ovulating Sufficiently?

When trying to conceive, making sure you are ovulating is good, but it may not be enough. Confirming sufficient ovulation can get you one step closer to ruling out what may be causing issues and to successfully conceiving.

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How to Tell If You’ve Ovulated

Trying to predicting ovulation is fine but there are a couple of ways to confirm that ovulation has happened and, as you might suspect, they all lead back to the super hormone, progesterone.

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Are You TTC? Here’s the Skinny on Progesterone—& Why It’s So Important

That pregnancy glow? That’s mighty progesterone at work—and it does so much more, too.

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This Is the “Perfect” Age to Have a Baby, According to Science

Research shows that this is the best time to become a mom.

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New Research Sheds a Surprising Light on Fertility Tests

Those fertility tests may not mean as much as we all once thought.

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This Stylish Wearable Actually Tracks Your Fertility

Trying to conceive? You may want to try this latest device dubbed the “Fitbit for Fertility.”

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Congrats Audra McDonald! Actress Announces She Is Pregnant in Super Cute Way

Photo:Audra McDonald via Facebook 
Congrats Audra! Actress Audra McDonald and husband Will Swenson are expecting their second child together. Audra, age 45, thanks her fancy footwork for keeping her fertile in a recent tweet.
The Tony Award winning actress will…

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Chickens in the City 101

Frankly, the sustainable, local, organic, slow food movement can be a little exhausting. In our nanosecond-attention span world, who’s got the time to look for farmer’s markets and Whole Foods everywhere? Still, the benefits of healthy eating and wholesome, fresh…

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Happy Mom Tip #5: Forgive Someone

Today’s Tip: Forgive Someone
It’s true: you’ll be happier if you practice forgiveness.  Holding a grudge is not a happiness habit–resentment keeps negative emotions like anger and frustration front and center in our lives.  So when we forgive others, we…

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