Answering the 5 Most Common Questions about C-Sections

“It’s important to ensure that you and your doctor are aligned on your goals and wishes for delivery.”

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Woman cradling pregnant belly

Study Says Mushrooms May Help Alleviate Pregnancy Hypertension

There may be a new way to help treat preeclampsia.

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All the Ways You’re Doing a Great Job, Mama

A must-read for every mom because you deserve to hear what a great job you are doing.

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Science May Have Found a Way to Treat Down Syndrome Before Birth

It may sound like science fiction, but it’s actual science.

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This Tampon-Shaped Speaker Does What for Your Baby?!

Queue up the playlist and get ready for a party.

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My Journey Parenting a Son with Down Syndrome, as Told By My Tattoo

“My son was born with Down syndrome, so I did what any rational person would do: I got a tattoo.”

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Will Your Baby Be a Righty or a Lefty? It Depends on How They Eat

Lefty or righty? This could be a major indicator.

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This Man Saved 2 Million Babies in the Coolest, Most Selfless Way Possible

His legacy will live on in the lives of the babies that he’s saved

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Ibuprofen Taken During Pregnancy Could Have Impacts on Child’s Fertility

What moms-to-be need to know about taking ibuprofen during early pregnancy—and how it could affect your daughters.

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Is It Safe for Pregnant Women to Sleep on Their Backs?

Here’s the best way to decrease your likelihood of suffering a stillbirth.

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New Research Links Obesity in Pregnancy with Fetal Overgrowth

Obesity during pregnancy may account for the higher risk of giving birth to an atypically large infant.

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Study Finds Vitamin That May Prevent Birth Defects & Miscarriages

Scientists in Australia have found that adding this supplement to your diet may help prevent birth defects and miscarriages — but experts warn to wait and see.

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We Don’t Need A Break, We Need Eachother

Photo: shutterstock
“Do you even love me?”
As soon as the words left my lips I wanted to take them back. What if he said no? Why would I ask a question when I clearly wasn’t ready to hear the…

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What You Eat BEFORE You’re Pregnant Can Impact Your Future Baby’s Health, According to Research

photo: Dylan and Sara
Since there’s not enough pressure already to eat and do the right things during pregnancy, a new study has revealed that your diet before you even get pregnant might have an impact on your future baby’s …

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How About Sleep Helping Instead of Sleep Training?

Photo: Denise Stern
At Let Mommy Sleep we’ve counseled thousands of parents on sleep; sleep hacks, safe sleep, getting twins to sleep in the same room and of course sleeping through the night.  While we’ve been privileged to teach our…

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11 Things to do in the First Trimester

Now that you’re pregnant, it’s time for some new born preparation! It can be overwhelming, so here’s a list of the essential tasks that will help keep you and your unborn child happy and healthy.

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