These Are the Days Pregnancy Sickness Is Likely to Start, New Study Reveals

What if you knew when you might get those tell-tale symptoms? This study shows how doctors may be able to narrow it down, to a three-day window!

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My Baby Has a Day & Night Personality

“During the day, she’s nearly a person. She makes yummy noises when she eats people food and can clap her hands and crawl and stand up and pet (grab) the kitty. But at night, The Creature emerges. I’m not saying The Creature is bad, it’s just, not quite the same as the daytime version of my baby.”

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The FDA Wants to Make Research on Pregnant & Breastfeeding Mamas More Effective

The FDA may help to cut some of the pregnancy-medication confusion.

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This Tampon-Shaped Speaker Does What for Your Baby?!

Queue up the playlist and get ready for a party.

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Are You TTC? Here’s the Skinny on Progesterone—& Why It’s So Important

That pregnancy glow? That’s mighty progesterone at work—and it does so much more, too.

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Pediatricians Issue Warning to Moms about Using Pot While Pregnant: Don’t Do It

The American Academy of Pediatrics issued 10 new guidelines for moms-to-be.

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Ibuprofen Taken During Pregnancy Could Have Impacts on Child’s Fertility

What moms-to-be need to know about taking ibuprofen during early pregnancy—and how it could affect your daughters.

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New Research Links Obesity in Pregnancy with Fetal Overgrowth

Obesity during pregnancy may account for the higher risk of giving birth to an atypically large infant.

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