My Spectrum Superhero

“I realized superheroes aren’t just a reality in his world, they are a reality in mine as well. In my world, there lives the strongest, most benevolent superhero of all—his name is Murphy and he’s my son.”

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Weird But True

All New Season of National Geographic’s “Weird But True” comes to Disney+

Seasons one and two are available now on the streaming service.

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This 5-Year-Old Called 911 on the Grinch!

Here’s what happened when a little boy alerted officials of the Grinch’s not-so-nice Christmas plans.

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Halloween Jack Saves The Day

“Mom, no one else in my class has Halloween Jack come to their house. Why does he come here?” The usual conversation had started again. My daughter and I had been having the same discussion year over year. “Halloween Jack…

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Pennypickle’s Workshop: A Hot Spot for Science, Play & Games

Part museum and part science lab, this quirky Temecula destination will soon be your family’s new favorite hangout.

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