13 Reasons Not to Lose It on the First Day of School

Even for parents, the beginning of a new year can be a mix of emotions.

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This Free Field Trip Kit Is the Next Best Thing to a Dinosaur Exhibit IRL

Nature’s Bakery is bringing field trip fun to families and teachers with free at-home kits!

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Bay Area Kids Event: July 16-18

Block parties, art walks, movie nights, festivals and concerts line up for the weekend – where will your kids want to go?

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8 Field Trips That Make the Grade for Families (& Pods)

From a secret sculpture park in the forest, to the sweetest tour in town, these fascinating field trips earn an A+ in fun.

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Fantastic Fall Field Trips Homeschool Style

Get out of the house with these fun educational field trips around Portland! You’ll be able to get fresh air, see some fall colors and learn a few things.

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Halloween Roblox

Scare up Some Halloween Fun on Roblox

There’s a great selection of spooky games for players of all ages. 

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Dairy Farmers of America & Their Cows Are “Zoom-Bombing” Classrooms

They are giving a whole new meaning to show-and-tell.

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Why You Should Grow Your Own Bacteria (It’s Science!)

Ever wanted to grow your own bacteria? Now you can!

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American Museum of Natural History to Host MarsFest at Home

Slate of live online events celebrates the launch of NASA’s Mars 2020 mission.

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Shedd Aquarium Welcomes Four New Magellanic Chicks

The hatchlings will get named before making a public debut in the exhibit.

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Chance the Rapper

Chance the Rapper Announces Awards Show for Teachers

He will surprise teachers with supplies, donations and more.

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Escape Room

Get Lost At The Smithsonian with TEG Virtual Field Trips

Players progress through games by uncovering clues and solving puzzles.

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Your NYC Weekend Survival Guide for Mar. 27-29

From crafts to virtual tours to local hikes and more, check out some of these options for weekend family fun!

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Shedd Aquarium

Penguins Tour Aquarium During Coronavirus Closure

These penguins are living their best life during the aquarium closure.

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Thank You to the Kroger Clerk That Went above & Beyond

An unexpected act of kindness that left this mom speechless.

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LIL Flyer

Traveling Just Got Easier with These Epic Ride-On Suitcases

These suitcases make it easier to keep tabs on your kids and luggage.

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8 Unconventional Ways to Thank Teachers

Here are some easy and unconventional ways you can thank your kid’s teachers to show them how much you appreciate them this school year.

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30 Ways to Spend Time with Your Family in April

We’re all spending more time at home these days, and the good news is, there are plenty of ways to strengthen the bond between you and your kids.

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The Live-Action “Dora the Explorer” Trailer Is Here & It’s Definitely Not for Little Kids

This flick isn’t what you’d expect from the OG show you grew up with.

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His Town Banned Snowball Fights, So This 9-Year-Old Took Matters into His Own Hands

This little boy made a big difference for all the kids in his town.

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9 Ways to Celebrate Your First Mother’s Day With Baby

Make plans for celebrating your very first Mother’s Day now with one of these 10 ideas.

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This Corgi Puppy Who Loves Target Is All of Us, Really

Meet Zira, the Target-loving corgi puppy and canine mistress of our hearts.

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This Dad Called out His Daughter’s School for Sexist, Outdated Activities

Sometimes it takes a joke to shine a light on a serious problem.

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This 10-Year-Old Just Created a Totally Amazing Girl Scout Patch

Here’s how one little girl helped the Girl Scouts launch a new badge.

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Shredding It! A Visit to NYC’s Newest Skatepark

Doood! You gotta check this place out!

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7 Genius Car Storage Hacks for Parents

The struggle to keep your car organized is real. These handy tips and tricks will keep chaos at bay.

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Redefine Summer Camp, Parent & Me-Style

If your tot is too tiny for real summer camp, this is the perfect way to dip your toes into the camp pond, together!

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Being Homeless Hasn’t Stopped These Girls From Living by the Girl Scout Law

These Girl Scouts aren’t letting homelessness hold them back.

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Back To Work: Motherhood Gets Lonely

Photo: Photos by Kim Upton
Initially, it sounds like a dream come true…
All of your kids are finally in school. You’re FREE! You have the entire house to yourself for nearly eight whole hours. You can do whatever you’d…

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5 Helpful Tips for Organizing Kid’s School Papers and Schedules

Photo: pixabay
Do you feel like you have papers, emails, and school stuff coming at you fast and furious? The schedules come at us on paper, websites, Remind 101, text messages, phone calendars, Twitter, and “Didn’t you check the Facebook…

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