Fall in Love with These Autumn-Inspired Baby Shower Invitations

Flowers, woodland creatures and majestic mountains you have to see!

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A Day in the Life of One Tired Mom Trying to Get Organized

Photo: Natalie B. via Pexels
I’ve resolved to get organized and develop better habits for 2019. I woke at 5 a.m., according to my new regimen, where I can catch a little “me time” and plan my day.
My son—who normally…

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11 (Relatively) Harmless Ways to Prank the Kids

This April Fools’ Day make sure your merry pranksters get plenty of laughs with one of these hilarious ways to turn the joke on the kids.

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Hershey's Kisses Meltaway Roses

These Valentine’s Day Hershey’s Kisses Are Worth Melting For

These rose themed Kisses even have a green plume.

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23 Gift-Wrapping Hacks That Make You Look Like a Pro

Whether you run out of tape, bows or need to wrap that odd-sized gift, we’ve got the tricks that’ll get you through.

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11 Campfire Desserts to Make on Your Next Outdoor Adventure

Our favorite part of camping: the food! These sweet treats will impress your whole crew.

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S’mores Science Project: A Sweet Conclusion

Learn how to make s’mores by harnessing the energy of the sun!

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14 Genius BBQ & Grilling Hacks

You’ll never have charred sausages for dinner again.

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13 Campfire Recipes That Even Kids Will Love

Get the campfire ready, we’ve got the recipes for you!

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Reese's Filled Eggs

Reese’s Just Released Candy-Filled Chocolate Eggs You Can Crack Open to Reveal More Reese’s

The eggs are the latest chocolate treat joining the Easter candy lineup.

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Find These Merry Magical Harry Potter Ornaments on Amazon Right Now

Even muggles will find these Potter ornaments magical.

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These Are the 10 Most Popular Easter Candies to Fill Your Baskets

Stuff your baskets to hit Easter treats out if the park this year.

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When Pink Lost a Grammy Award, Her Kids Rallied in the Cutest Way Possible

It wasn’t a lifetime achievement award, but this Grammy Award might be even better.

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Joanna Gaines New Snow Angel Pic of Baby Crew Will Melt Your Heart

Leave it to the Gaines family to make the most out of winter.

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Mom & Daughter Recreate Amazing Runway Looks Using Just Craft Supplies at Home

This artsy mama-daughter duo reuses, recycles and re-creates celeb style.

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A Week’s Worth of Freezer-Friendly Egg Sandwiches

Get a jump start on the week by making ahead a week’s worth of egg sandwiches for your family.


10 Eggland’s Best Large Eggs
6 English Muffins
6 Slices of Cheese
1 Cup of Milk
Non-stick Spray



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funniest tweets of the week

Funniest Parenting Tweets of the Week: May 25, 2018

When you weren’t trying to listen to a robot’s recording of Yanny and Laurel this week (it was SO Yanny), you were probably chasing around the kiddos. But it’s time to sit back and relax. Take some time for yourself…

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Comfort Food’s Calling: Easy Cheesy Ground Beef Casserole

Warm up from the inside out with this delish casserole from Grits and Pinecones.

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No-Bake Homemade Hanukkah Gelt!

Today is the first day of Hanukkah so get the kids in on this simple melt-and-pour gelt project.

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Minted’s Photo Op Service Produced Our Best Holiday Card Yet

Professional shoot, retouching, and design. Major seasonal stresser — solved!

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These 10 Reasons to Love the Holidays Are Just Too Real

Here’s why parents love this time of year. And yes, the Elf is on the list.

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The Easiest DIY Spin on the Classic Summer Treat (Chocolate Involved!)

When you think of summertime what dessert pops into your head? S’mores, right?! This classic summer dessert is an absolute favorite of ours. I mean, what’s not to love about a warm gooey chocolate dessert?! There’s just one problem –…

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Herb Roasted Chicken (It’s Only 3 Steps!)

With only five ingredients and three steps, making this meal almost every week is a no brainer.

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Tonight’s Dinner Plan: Pizza Skewers

Two Food Network stars reveal a new recipe for pizza lovers.

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Make Your Holidays Magical with $20 to Spend at Shutterfly

High up on your wishlist for Santa: hitting the holidays out of the ballpark.
Guarantee it’s a homerun with the help of Shutterfly. They’re teeing up mountains of merry from personalized photo ornaments to foil-stamped holiday cards. Read on for…

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12 DIY Projects for a Crafty Valentine’s Day

Celebrate Valentine’s Day by creating these 12 amazing handcrafted gifts with your loved ones.

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11 Indoor Water Parks That Will Save Your Spring Break

Make a serious splash on your next family vacation at these 11 water parks!

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Photographers Reveal the Best D.C. Spots to Shoot Your Holiday Card

Check out this list of tried-and-true locations favored by some of the area’s most popular photographers.

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