What Surprised Me about Our New Normal

“Suddenly there are no dirty dishes to be found in the sink—remnants of quick snack breaks between my kids’ classes or between my husband’s meetings.”

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The Power of Forgiveness

“The world would be a much better place if we all could show more empathy and forgiveness in our lives. And maybe, if we taught our children to be more forgiving, then maybe we could be more forgiving ourselves.”

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Hefty ugly holiday Parka and Mitten Koozie

Hefty Takes the Holidays Outside With New Ugly Party Cup Parka and Koozie

They will be available on a first-come, first-served basis.

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The Hardy Boys

Hulu Debuts “The Hardy Boys” Trailer

The series will start streaming in December.

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TIME For Kids

TIME for Kids Launches New Digital Subscription

Connect kids to the world from home.

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How to Get Your Kids Excited about Homeschooling

“Don’t forget to take some of the pressure off and realize that you don’t have to be perfect. If your child is learning and doing something constructive, you’re already knocking it out of the park.

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This Affordable Cell Phone Service Works for the Whole Family

Twigby is a low-cost wireless services that’s a great option for tweens and teens.

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Managing Relationships within Your Quarantined Home

Is the close proximity to your loved ones working on your nerves? Try these tactics to turn your frustration and annoyances around before you lose your cool.

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Kristen Bell Town Hall

Kristen Bell Hosts Nickelodeon Coronavirus Special for Kids

The hour-long special answered young people’s questions about the coronavirus pandemic. 

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Hi, I Am the Immunocompromised Person You Are Saving

“You are isolating yourself because you want to save me, and I adore you for it.”

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I Did Not Vote. But Before You Judge Me, Read This First

“The next time a mom says she did not vote, spare your judgment. Just give her a hug. Her kid might have body-slammed his little brother in line while she tried her hardest to perform her civic duty.”

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This Study Shows the Stress Working Parents Face Could Actually Cost Them Their Jobs

Working parents face the difficult choice between wanting to take on more at work and being present for their family.

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Boys Can Be Princesses Too & These Adorable Photos Are Proof

If girls can dress up like Iron Man, why can’t a boy be a princess?

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5 Spotless Reasons Why Rubber Gloves Should Be Every Parent’s BFF

Photo: Keiko Zoll
Most people laugh when they see me come to the door wearing bright yellow (or sometimes purple) rubber gloves. I walk around the house wearing them too. I don them for obvious things like washing dishes—but if…

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Spanx CEO Sara Blakely’s Viral Post Proves Why Everyone Should Hire Mothers

Here’s why Sara Blakely thinks working mamas are the best!

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IHOP Has Plans to Open a New Fast-Casual Restaurant

You’ll flip for IHOP’s new Flip’d concept!

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Not a Rainbow Baby, Just My Baby

“I get it, it’s a rainbow after a storm. It’s life after a death. That’s a great outlook. That’s just not my outlook. And this is why I won’t call my baby a ‘rainbow’ baby.”

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Here’s How I Have a Zero-Stress Holiday and So Can You

“I believe we can all have a great holiday season—one that we fully enjoy without having an adult tantrum. So here are some tips on how to make this holiday season your best yet.”

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Are We Destroying Our Neurodiverse Children?

“Outside-the-box kids were made differently and distinctly with gifts, talents, and purposes. And these outside-the-box kids must be equipped with our unconditional love and support to thrive in this world.”

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One Third of Parents Have Faked Sleeping to Avoid Changing Diapers, Study Says

Now there’s a solution to on-the-go diaper changing messes.

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Lessons in Surviving the Oilfield Wife Life

These are the lessons I learned that allowed me to grow into a strong and resilient mother while my husband worked in the dangerous oilfields, sometimes without ever seeing him for weeks on end.

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“She-Ra” Is Returning for Season 3 with a Very Special Guest Star

For the honor of Grayskull this Oscar winner is joining the cast.

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Amy Schumer Changed Her Pregnancy Beauty Care Routine for This Important Reason

This beauty care switch might be helpful to other moms suffering from morning sickness.

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Why Don’t We Talk about This More Often?

Musings on parenthood: the good, the challenging and the amazing.

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