Peek a Green Makes Buying Green Baby Gifts a Snap

Green Gift Helper
Every year, the list of babies on your Christmas list seems to get longer. But you don’t mind—you indulge yourself by hunting down the most adorable baby gear on the planet. And this year, you’ve made a…

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Shout Out to Grace Welch, founder of Patemm Diaper Pads

Shout out to San Francisco mom Grace Welch. We wrote about her cool diaper pad back in August. Turns out we weren’t the only fans.
The Green Parents’ List has just come out with their list of top ten products…

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Winner of the Homemade Halloween Costume Contest

update: here is the winning costume – gnome girl. all the submissions were all awesome! thanks for playing!
This one’s for all you hard-working, crafty mamas and papas. You know who you are. You’re either not quite satisfied with the…

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Julep Nail Parlor

You’ve Got Nails
An experience at Julep Nail Parlor is as much about what you don’t get as what you do get.
There’s no funky-formaldehyde-salon smell, thanks to toxin-free products, from lotions to polishes. There’s no risk of hygiene-related mishaps,…

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Well-Rounded Parenting

You dig your portable changing pad out of the depths of your diaper bag, unfurl it, set your baby on it, and within moments, your wiggly tot is perpendicular to the rectangular pad. Kind of defeats the purpose of that…

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The Mommy-cure

Editors Note: Mani + Nanny Closed in 2009
Been too busy playing “This Little Piggy” with your tot to notice that your own little piggies could use some TLC? Moms and dads no longer have to feel guilty about sneaking…

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