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The One Thing We Miss When We Applaud Our Kid’s Success

“So much of our good fortune comes to us, not because we deserve it, but because of forces outside ourselves.”

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6 Traditions to Kick Off the Year of the Ox

February 12 is Lunar New Year but the celebrations start the night before and go for 16 glorious days. Here are a few kid-approved ways to enjoy it with the kids.

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chinese new year of the ox

Fun Ways to Celebrate the Chinese New Year

“For celebrating in a joyful way each day at lunchtime, discover these Chinese New Year bento lunchbox ideas!”

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This Is Halloween: 20+ Freaky-Fun Facts about the Spookiest Holiday

Ever wonder where many of our Halloween traditions came from? The answer is easy: Ireland.

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Disney+ Releases New Trailer for “Soul”

There are also new details about the voice cast.

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Lucky Names Such as Iris & Felix are Trending

These names are bringing parents-to-be hope, luck and good fortune.

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Treasure map

The Blackbeard Treasure Launches $10 Million Treasure Hunt

$1 million will be hidden and buried in 10 states across the U.S.

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Uncharted PlayStation

PlayStation Announces “Play At Home” Initiative

Once you redeem the games, they are yours to keep. 

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How It’s Made: The Best Bay Area Food Tours

From chocolate to jelly beans to bread, check out our list of local food factory tours for a family adventure that will satisfy both your curiosity and your appetite.

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The “Stranger Things” Monopoly Game Is Here & Will Hold You Over Until Season 4

Go directly to the Upside Down, do not pass Go, do not collect $200.

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This Macaron Slime Looks So Good & It Smells Delicious Too

This new slime collection features six different “flavored” macarons.

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ALDI Has New Orchids and Succulents Just In Time for Valentine’s Day

You’ll fall in love with these beautiful flowers.

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Tostitos Avocado Salsa Is a Snack Time Win

This new dip could totally make your Super Bowl party.

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Disney World’s Santa Hat Shaped Cotton Candy Is Pure Holiday Magic

Epcot’s cotton candy is ho, ho, ho-lariously cute!

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17 Ways to Keep Your Kid Busy in an Airport

Say goodbye to boring airport delays! Here’s how you can keep the kids occupied until you hear the words “now boarding.”

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This Is How Dax Shepard & Kristen Bell Teach Their Kids Gratitude

These celeb parents are shockingly down-to-earth when it comes to teaching their kids about staying humble.

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The Dunkin’ Donuts Tiny House Is the Cutest Thing Ever

Staying a night at this tiny house costs about the same as a dozen donuts.

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Chelsea Clinton’s New Kids Book Inspires Them to Change the World—Starting Now

Clinton’s new book covers a broad range of challenging topics, all in a way that kids can understand.

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IKEA’s Limited-Edition Kids Collection Is Its Most Imaginative & Playful Yet

The new collection is focused on free play without restrictions—and we are so here for it!

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The 5 Prettiest Spring Pieces from The Pioneer Woman’s New Walmart Collection

The Pioneer Woman has a new line of kitchen goods at Walmart, just in time for spring entertaining.

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You Can Buy the 90s Version of the Caboodle & Our Inner Teen Is Freaking Out

From TEEN Magazine to Lip Smackers, this “vintage” Caboodle re-release brings back all the ’90s feels.

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Oh Baby? Amazon Accidentally Sends Baby Registry Gift Alerts

Amazon had their own little oops moment this week that caught many of its customers off guard.

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Old-School Haunts: Give the Kids a Taste of Vintage SF

True Bay Area kids should be schooled on old-school San Francisco. We’ve rounded up 10 classic SF locales that should be on your vintage SF bucket list.

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IKEA’s 2018 Catalogue Has Landed and the New Items Will Send You on a Shopping Spree

IKEA’s new catalogue is bursting with vibrant colors and designer accents that look like they’ve come from a designer store, but are just as affordable and functional as ever.

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2 Million Free Eclipse Glasses Coming to U.S. Libraries. Here’s How to Get Yours

If you plan on viewing the eclipse this August, you’ll need these special lenses.

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Braving a Theme Park This Summer? Arm Yourself with These Survival Tips

Go in the summer… if you must. But take this advice to survive with some of your sanity and bank account intact.

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Legendary Kinder Eggs Are Finally Coming to America and They Will Be Epic

The most exciting candy in the world is finally landing in America.

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A Letter to the Newly Separated or Divorced

A letter to you, on the day you decided to leave your marriage:

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Congratulations. You just made a really, really hard decision. It’s something you probably agonized over for months, maybe even years. You likely…

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5 Globe Projects You Have to Try

These globe projects are so cute they’ll make your head spin, but luckily they are easy enough you can actually pull them off.

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