RITZ’s Sweet New Video Spot Celebrates Foster Families

The company’s new Foster Welcome campaign shines a light on diverse families

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30 Phrases That Will Change a Kid’s Day (for the Better)

We know that positive words for kids will go a long way in helping boost their confidence and making their lives a happier place.

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When This Mom Adopted Her 2 Kids, She Got an Even More Incredible Surprise, Too

Parenthood is full of surprises, but this one was extra special.

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Why This Father is Driven to Recruit 10,000 New Foster Parents

Foster parenting has created a sense of urgency within me to make a difference in the lives of those in need. Perhaps it is due to the children’s horror stories that I have been witness to, and have watched come…

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How Foster Parenting Has Transformed Me

“How has your life changed while being a foster parent?”

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It was a question I had been asked a great deal of late.  Recently, I had been doing the rounds of radio and tv interviews…

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How I Broke through the Fear of Fostering

I didn’t think adopting through foster care was the right choice for my family. I was scared. I feared the heartache. I feared the bruise my ego would take after I raised a child in my perfect little home with my perfect parenting standards, and then watched that child be removed and sent to live to with a not-so-perfect family. How could I ever handle that?

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What I Learned About Parenting through My Foster Child’s Mom

Before becoming a foster parent I, as most do, had many preconceived notions about the “BioParents”. I assumed their children were removed because they’re drug addicts and criminals, they have no parenting skills, their pregnancy wasn’t planned, they didn’t want…

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What The Media Doesn’t Tell You About Foster Parents Like Me

Perhaps you read in the news recently about the foster parent who abused their foster child. You might have even read in the news about the infant who died in foster care, under the supervision of the little child’s foster…

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