TikTok Announces New Protective Measures to Keep Teens Safe

The new features are designed to empower teens to take control of their content.

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Everything You Need to Know About Fostering Animals

Thinking about bringing a furry family member into your life? Fostering a pet from a shelter or rescue organization may be the perfect way to ease into pet parenthood. Not only do you get to experience caring for a pet…

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Sesame Street CNN

CNN & Sesame Street Will Hold a Second Town Hall About COVID-19

The special will feature some of your favorite Muppets.

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mother and child, daughter on lap

Sesame Workshop Launches Caring for Each Other Initiative

These free resources are designed to help parents provide comfort and manage anxiety.

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Orange County’s Best Museums for Kids & Families

Dinosaurs, vintage aircraft and surfboards galore await you on your next museum adventure day.

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The Touching Story Behind One Family’s #AdoptionDay Photos

A beautiful story on how one family came to be despite all the odds.

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This Might Be the Coolest Little Free Library Ever Built

This little library is downright magical.

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This School Program Hopes to Free Kids from Helicopter & Lawnmower Parenting

The Let Grow program has a single mission: to let kids be kids.

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Pharrell’s Popular Netflix Show Proves That Boys Love Female Heroes, Too

Boys across the country have become avid fans of True and her candy-colored world.

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Kids With This Interesting Trait Do Better in School, Study Finds

Curiosity didn’t kill the cat—it just made it smarter.

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This Mom’s Viral Tweets about Julia, the Muppet with Autism, Are So Important

Diverse and inclusive representation in media is so important for kids.

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Clifford Is Back & He’s Better Than Ever In This New Reboot

Your favorite big red dog is making a comeback.

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How I Broke through the Fear of Fostering

I didn’t think adopting through foster care was the right choice for my family. I was scared. I feared the heartache. I feared the bruise my ego would take after I raised a child in my perfect little home with my perfect parenting standards, and then watched that child be removed and sent to live to with a not-so-perfect family. How could I ever handle that?

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July 4th Fun Facts That Your Family Will Love!

Photo: Frank McKenna
Pique your child’s interest in learning with these 5 great facts about our Independence Day!
1. Engage your child with fun facts: Did you know that two presidents, Thomas Jefferson and John Adams, actually died on July…

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What I Learned About Parenting through My Foster Child’s Mom

Before becoming a foster parent I, as most do, had many preconceived notions about the “BioParents”. I assumed their children were removed because they’re drug addicts and criminals, they have no parenting skills, their pregnancy wasn’t planned, they didn’t want…

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3 Ways To Spring Clean Your Parenting Style, According To Science

There’s no single study that finds one method of parenting better than another, but there are some scientifically-backed ways that you can make parenthood just a little bit less stressful. Check out the tips below to revamp your parenting style,…

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The 52 New Foods Challenge: 3 Recipes to Cook with Kids

Is your family dinner menu stuck on repeat? This new book will help you get your groove back in the kitchen, and turn picky eaters into full-fledged food adventurers.

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The Butterfly Joint: A Unique Woodworking Studio for Kids

Check out this Bay Area kids woodworking space that’s looking for your help to become a reality!

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Could This Be the First Spa for Babies?

A soak in water, warm towel and gentle massage is what babies get at a buzzed-about new oasis. Get the scoop here.

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Back-to-School with Polliwog Preschool

Polliwog Preschool, a nature based preschool held at the Mercer Slough Environmental Education Center in Bellevue, serves children 3 to 5 years old. The program is play-based and student-driven with discovery exploration and specific activities that relate to a new…

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Come On, Get Happy! Tips from Christine Carter, Happiness Expert

Raising Happiness, is a blog authored by Christine Carter, Ph.D., sociologist and happiness expert as well as author of  Raising Happiness: 10 Simple Steps for More Joyful Parents and Happier Kids. She studies the sociology of happiness in children and…

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