How One College Student Is Changing the Lives for Allergy-Sufferers While Traveling

For families that have kids with food allergies, traveling can be stressful—especially on flights. Alexa Jordan is determined to change that.

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Why You Should Get Out Of Your Own Way and Seize The Opportunity

Have you ever stood with your back against a mirror, while holding a small handheld mirror, attempting to see the back of your head? Have you noticed that when the mirror is directly in front of your face, you are…

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Why I Continue to Breastfeed After One Year

Photo: “Adinda” by nendra_gunawan
I counted down the days until my second baby was six months old. That was my original breastfeeding goal. I made it to nine months with my first, and I figured this time around I would…

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10 Ways Toddlers are Like Little Drunk Adults

Photo: Pixabay
It happened again last night: my two-year-old fell asleep with a gargantuan holiday pinecone slayed across his lap, drool seeping down the side of his face, prostrate across the hardwood floor of the dining room.
“Oh, love,” I…

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Do You Google Yourself?

Photo: Christy Heiskala
I suggest googling your name, your significant other’s name and your kid’s names no less than once every six months. You would be surprised at what you find. I regularly google myself, probably more often than most…

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Mama Needs Friends

Friendship, the key to having a happy life. Roll your eyes. I know, I know. In all honesty, I can truly say a mama really does need her friends. Seems simple. You meet people you like and you stay friends?…

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