Here’s How I Answered When My Kiddo Asked: “What’s a Soul and What Happens After We Die?”

Surely you remember those very first days of parenthood, before baby could talk, and you imagined that one day in the near future baby would come to you with questions. You would be the happy, proud parent showing and explaining…

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What You Eat BEFORE You’re Pregnant Can Impact Your Future Baby’s Health, According to Research

photo: Dylan and Sara
Since there’s not enough pressure already to eat and do the right things during pregnancy, a new study has revealed that your diet before you even get pregnant might have an impact on your future baby’s …

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Just Tell Us We Look Great

There is something about a pregnant woman that makes people go, well, a little crazy. All social decencies get thrown out the window and boundaries cease to exist.
I mean the man sitting next to me on the bus has just…

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