Keeping Teens Safe Online—What Parents Need to Know

Discussing the darker side of the world wide web—like phishing and cyberbullying—is crucial to help protect your teens from harm.

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10 Fun Reasons Parents Should Use Snapchat with Their Kids (Seriously!)

Photo: Shelby Spear
Think Friday night, 11 pm, you and the hubs, empty house.

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What better scenario for a round of sending asinine snapchats to your young adult kids who are off doing their…

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Why I’m Teaching My Kids They Aren’t Unique

“I’ll try to continue finding commonalities to show to my kids, and some days it will be easier than others, but it can simplify things in a way that opens up the world to them.”

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The Urban Dictionary for Parents (Abridged)

Ever feel like the tweens and teens around you are speaking another language? We can help.

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Are You a “Jet Fighter” Parent?

Between helicopters, snow plows and lawnmowers, there’s yet another parenting “style” making a comeback.

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This Is Everyone’s Favorite Netflix Show Right Now & It’s Perfect for Halloween

If you haven’t watched this show yet, there’s never been a better time to get caught up.

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Here’s Something Millennials Aren’t Ruining: Marriage

Millennials get blamed for a lot—but you can’t blame them for having lasting marriages.

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How Many Parents Stay at Home with Their Kids? You Might Be Surprised

There’s been an interesting shift in who chooses to stay home with the kids.

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6 Streaming Stations to Save Your Next Road Trip

From Guns N’ Roses lullabies to indie rock, here are our favorite stations so cool you might find yourself singing right along.

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Local Is Cool For Back To School

These uniquely LA ideas make going Back to School much more fun. (Or at least easier: we know of nothing that makes getting up early fun!)

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Game On! Old School Games That Still Rock

Did you sink a Battleship or Guess Who as a kid? Perhaps you had a Clue it was Mrs. Peacock in the study with the rope as you prepared to Operate on the guy with the big red nose?  If…

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