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A Hack to Foster Your Child’s Self-Awareness & Build Their Resilience

Our job as parents is to help our kids learn to reflect on their experiences, not just have an experience.

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Pinkalicious Is Back with An All-New Book

This new children’s read is coming next fall.

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Why Raising Generous Kids Just Might Save Us All

We live in a hectic culture. Here are tips for slowing down and helping kids appreciate the good things in life.

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Are These the Most Christmassy Cities in the US?

Families have to decide how they will celebrate while staying safe.

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Virtual Ways to Spread Kindness This Thanksgiving

“This Thanksgiving may look a little different for most families, but the most important elements of the holiday—gratitude, kindness, generosity, and spending time together—can still be expressed and celebrated.”

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Books That Teach Kids about Thankfulness & Gratitude

“These stories ground abstract concepts like gratitude and perseverance in examples of real people who rise above adversity, benefit from the generosity of others, discover beauty in places or cultures unlike their own, or discover the pleasure of even small acts of generosity.”

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Tips for a Safe & Healthy Halloween

“These tips and tricks will help add festive fun to this upside-down year and your little monsters will be delighted, as always, to get dressed up and hunt for candy with their family.”

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Random Acts of Kindness During Quarantine

“Say what you will about Facebook (I know not everyone likes it), but for those parenting children and adults with disabilities (such as our family) it’s very much a lifeline.”

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The (Free) Kindness Activity Book Seattle Families Need Now

Get the scoop and keep the good deeds going with a free kindness curriculum developed by an Eastside parent.

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10 Things We Should All Be Telling Our Sons

Open, honest and frequent communications are the key to battling stereotypes about boyhood.

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Why It’s Okay to Teach Your Child to Believe in Santa

Photo: Rawpixel
One would be hard-pressed to go anywhere at this time of year and not see Santa Claus represented. Depending on the age of your child, you will confront the inevitable queries from them or ponder for yourself the…

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Science Says You Should Grab Your Bestie & Hang Out—at Least Twice a Week

Go ahead and schedule that moms night out ASAP, because science says it’s good for your health.

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Owen Colley Clay Koala

6-Year-Old’s GoFundMe for Australian Creature Rescue Exceeds $260K

A little boy is doing his part to help Australia cope with the devastation of the wildfires happening thousands of miles from his home.

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Modeling Good Behavior Is Worth a Thousand Lectures

“As parents, we can give a thousand lectures to our kids on how to behave but these will never have as great an impact as the examples we set.”

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25 Ways to Engage Your Toddler in the Season of Giving

In the spirit of giving, here are 25 Advent Acts of Kindness that even your toddler can do.

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Amazon Wants to Build Your Child’s Robotics Skills

Amazon is building its future workforce, one robotics class at a time.

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Paddington Is Getting a Brand-New TV Series, with Ben Whishaw to Star

Soon you can welcome your favorite marmalade-loving bear into your own home.

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Help Disney Donate 1 Million Books with Your “Shelfie” Photos

Show Disney your shelfie because your photo is worth a free book to kids in need.

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These Celebs Are the Best Secret Santas Ever

These celebs give back in a huge way.

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10 Movies That Inspire Gratitude to Watch With Kids on Thanksgiving

These motivational movies show young kids the importance of being grateful.

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The Hottest New Baby Shower Gift? Donating Vacation Time to Expectant Moms

This priceless gift is worth much more than a pair of baby booties.

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Here’s How You Can Help Send “Toys 4 Puerto Rico” This Holiday Season

It’s not too late to put a smile on a child’s face affected by Hurricane Maria.

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Why Asking for Help is the Strongest Thing a Parent Can Do

It was 2 p.m. on a Wednesday. I know this because Paw Patrol had just gone off, and we watch Paw Patrol at 1:30 on Wednesdays. (Isn’t it funny the things you start to know as a mom?)

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Real-Life Secret Santa Pays off $10,000 Worth of Layaway Toy Orders

For one man in New Jersey, Black Friday meant something completely different.

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Being a New Mama: Lessons and Practices

Tomorrow will be Maya’s four month birthday. At the moment, I’m sitting at a cafe in Marin writing this. An hour prior to this I was at a friend’s home who offered to watch Maya. And I couldn’t quite seem…

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5 Parenting Traits That Can Help Your Kids Succeed In Their Careers, According To Experts

How your parenting style can ensure career success for your kids.

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Seedfolks: A One-Woman, Must-See Show Now Playing at SCT

This latest production playing at the Seattle Children’s Theatre is ready to plant the seeds of imagination, kindness and generosity in the minds of all who see it.

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Celebrating Our Friend, Brandi McWade

The Red Tricycle team is devastated to share that our Digital Media Manager, Brandi McWade lost her battle to metastatic breast cancer this weekend. Our hearts are broken.

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Brandi inspired all of us with her…

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Want a Strong Daughter? Teach Her These Traits

If you have a daughter, chances are you want her to grow up strong and independent, with healthy self-esteem. What parent wouldn’t want to see their daughters grow up this way? Our world today offers a myriad of opportunities to those…

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How to Teach the Real Reason Santa Brings Gifts

Photo: Pixabay
Going down the aisle at the grocery store we were walking toward a short, round man with white hair and a white beard.
Yeah! Santa Claus right there in the frozen food section! He looked at my young son and…

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Today Is National Acts of Kindness Day

Today Is Random Acts of Kindness Day

Kindness is as kindness does.


Say it with kindness. Simply print out these six cards
to start making someone else’s day brighter.


Don’t let your acts of kindness start and stop…

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