Pregnancy exercise

Study Shows This Can Help Reduce Risk of Gestational Diabetes

Women who are active more during the first trimester may reap these benefits.

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Celeb Moms Who Had Difficult Pregnancies

Jessica Simpson, Kelly Clarkson, Kate Hudson, what do these celebs have in common aside from their million dollar bank accounts, golden voices and stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame? All three celebrity moms had difficult pregnancies, like millions of…

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Doctors May Have a Way to Predict a Woman’s Risk for Gestational Diabetes, According to a New Study

An algorithm may help doctors to accurately predict a mama-to-be’s risk.

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5 Uber-Healthy Things I Did as Soon as I Found out I Was Pregnant

Photo: Kate Haus Photography
No, I’m not pregnant now. But I was a little over two years ago. And as soon as my good news was confirmed I was determined to research and understand whatever I could to have a…

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5 Pregnancy Apps Every Dad-to-Be Should Be Using

Pregnancy and parenthood is a shared responsibility—and seeking out knowledge via apps for expectant dads can help you prepare for your share of the responsibilities.

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The One Thing I Won’t Give Up During My Pregnancy

The one thing that has kept me sane for the past 34 weeks of my pregnancy and couldn’t imagine giving up? Dance! Dance! Dance!

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Staying Organized as a Mom Is a Labor of Love, Chaos & Joy

Photo: Alana Zavett Green
On Nov. 26, I gave birth to a pink-skinned, black-haired, 8-pound beautiful baby boy. My husband, Steven, and I were so grateful to welcome our second son after a swift delivery and agonizing, yet blissful natural labor.…

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New Exercise Guidelines for Pregnant Women You’ll Want to Pay Attention To

Exercise has tremendous benefits during pregnancy. Here’s how much you need.

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A Look at Motherhood in GPS Terms

It’s so easy these days. Pop a destination into the GPS in your car, or into the navigation app on your phone, push ‘directions’ and begin your journey.  However, Motherhood, is one such journey that clearly doesn’t become your destination…

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Important Things I’ve Learned about Eating for Two with Gestational Diabetes

What is Gestational Diabetes? Gestational diabetes, sometimes known as GD, occurs when a pregnant woman’s blood sugar rises dangerously high. The pancreas is responsible for producing insulin which controls blood sugar within a normal range, but during pregnancy, hormones produced…

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My Gestational Diabetes Ignorance

Photo: Jessica Merz via Flickr Creative Commons
I’m one of those people who associate diabetes with being unhealthy, so never did I imagine that I, a vegetarian and a runner, could be diagnosed with gestational diabetes. My ignorance got the…

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You know you are The Queen of Suburbia When Your Life Changes Over New Couches

Last Saturday my life changed.

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No I did not get a promotion, we didn’t move and Lord knows there is no pregnancy announcement coming.
Friends- we are getting new couches.
Those who know me already…

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The Silver Lining to Gestational Diabetes

During my first pregnancy I lived on a Caribbean island, and paid out of pocket for all of my prenatal care. It was expensive, so when my doctor told me to come in for an oral glucose tolerance test to…

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