Science Says 50 Is the New 40 (When It Comes to Safely Having Babies, That Is)

Here’s what new research has to say about advanced maternal age.

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Can Nutritious School Lunches Lead to Improved Academic Outcomes?

“The research is in and the bottom line is, students who have access to healthier food at school perform better. Unfortunately, recent government rollbacks jeopardize the health and success of our children.”

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Science Confirms Feeling “Hangry” Is 100 Percent Legit

Hungry? Science says stop what you’re doing and get a snack before it’s too late.

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Potential New Pill May Change the Way Children with Type 1 Diabetes Get Their Insulin

What if there was a way for kiddo with type 1 diabetes to get the insulin that they need without the needle sticks?

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Important Things I’ve Learned about Eating for Two with Gestational Diabetes

What is Gestational Diabetes? Gestational diabetes, sometimes known as GD, occurs when a pregnant woman’s blood sugar rises dangerously high. The pancreas is responsible for producing insulin which controls blood sugar within a normal range, but during pregnancy, hormones produced…

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New Device Could Power Your Phone With a Workout

With this latest piece of technology, you’ll soon be able to harness the energy you put into your workout.

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My Gestational Diabetes Ignorance

Photo: Jessica Merz via Flickr Creative Commons
I’m one of those people who associate diabetes with being unhealthy, so never did I imagine that I, a vegetarian and a runner, could be diagnosed with gestational diabetes. My ignorance got the…

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The Silver Lining to Gestational Diabetes

During my first pregnancy I lived on a Caribbean island, and paid out of pocket for all of my prenatal care. It was expensive, so when my doctor told me to come in for an oral glucose tolerance test to…

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A rescued seal pup at the Marine Mammal Care Center in San Pedro, CA

You’ll Flipper For This Seal Sanctuary

Stop in to this spot by the sea where you can see seals as they heal at this marine mammal animal hospital that welcomes visits from kids.

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Just Opened: Quin Candy Shop

Local. Check. Sustainable. Check. Small batch. Check. Totally Awesome. Check. High fructose neon brights? Uh, no thanks….Not at Quin, a new candy shop designed for discerning Portland kids and parents.

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What You’ll Love
Well, for…

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