Why People Born in August Are Strong-Willed & Other Fun Facts

And other cool things about end-of-summer kiddos.

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Beloved Children’s Author Eric Carle Passes Away at Age 91

Carle’s family announces his death was May 23.

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Amanda Gorman Has 3 Books Coming Out This Year & You Can Preorder Them All Right Now

The Youth Poet Laureate of the United States has not one, not two, but three books out in 2021!

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27 Great Conversation Starters for Honest Family Discussions

Here’s how to go beyond, “How was school?” when talking with your kids.

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Why Your December Baby Is Less Cranky (According to Studies)

This is why people born in December are a true gift.

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Lessons from a Former Self-Help Junkie

“How I went from ‘self-help junkie’ to ‘self-help skeptic.'”

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How I Went Back to School as a Parent & You Can Too

“Remember you can still chase your dreams while chasing your tiny humans.”

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What Happens When a Word’s Definition Is Outdated?

When Kennedy Mitchum grew tired of defending a broader definition of racism, she set out to change it with the very book that holds the key to all definitions—the Merriam-Webster dictionary.

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7-Year-Old Throws Sweetest Mini Prom for His Babysitter

A 6 foot pool noodle was used to show how far apart the prom dates could be from each other. 

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Sam’s Club Rolls Out Smaller-Sized Graduation Cakes for Less Than $10

These cakes are the perfect size for those at-home celebrations! 

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JohnKrasinski - Brown Univeristy

John Krasinski to Host Virtual Graduation Ceremony

The graduation is for all graduates from preschool to law school.

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NASA Astronaut LtCol Nicole A. Mann

NASA Astronaut Joins “Reading with Role Models” Series

Kids can listen to a free virtual story time featuring everyday heroes. 

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COVID-19 & the Future of Remote Learning

“Online learning has lots of advantages that we’re discovering and accelerating right now, but in-person learning has some very hard-to-replace aspects, too. Ultimately, a system where the two work hand in hand will benefit the most students.”

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Why Every ‘Now’ Moment Matters in Motherhood

In October 2005, my middle son was born. In 2018, he graduated from college.
Today, I’m trying to figure out how time works.

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Eons ago I had three kids in three and a half years. Life was…

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5 Reasons Why the University of Washington Can Make College Dreams a Reality

College plans derailed by all those adorable kiddos? Don’t worry, UW has your back.

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Can Your Baby Understand Counting? New Research Says Yes

New research finds that children may understand the concept of counting much earlier than the preschool years.

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5 Ways to Start Saving for Your Kid’s College Fund

Think saving for college is unattainable? These 5 easy steps will help get you there, one dollar at a time.

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This High School Grad Got a Silent Standing Ovation & Everyone Should Applaud

These high school students know how to spread kindness.

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This Little Girls’ Brilliant Swimsuit Style Is LONG Overdue

We can’t believe no one thought of this genius swimsuit design sooner!

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This Daddy-Daughter Graduation Photo Is Everything

A magical moment almost two decades in the making.

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These Celebs Can’t Contain Their Parent Pride Over Graduation

These proud parents are sharing their kids big milestones.

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These College Students Just Received the Best Graduation Gift Ever

These graduates are getting the gift of a lifetime.

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I Have 4 Kids & This Is What My Day Typically Looks Like (Seriously)

“As stressful and chaotic as my life may be, I wouldn’t trade it for anyone else’s. My babies are my world and the inspiration behind everything I do.”

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“Beverly Hills, 90210” Is the Latest Show of Our Childhoods to Get a Reboot

Well, it looks like the gang is headed back to the Peach Pit!

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