Interview with a Grandparent: 16 Questions to Ask

What was Grandma’s favorite toy? What was Papa’s favorite food?

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Why Kids Need to Spend Time with Grandparents (According to Studies)

PSA: It’s not just so they can eat all the junk food and sweets their hearts desire.

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15 Simple Gifts to Make for Grandparents Day

Who wouldn’t want to receive a hug in the mail?

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A Heartfelt Salute to Parents from Grandparents

A love letter to parents—you’re doing a great job and here’s why.

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Helping Kids & Teens Understand Alzheimer’s Disease

“How you can help your kids better understand Alzheimer’s and how the disease will change their relationship with the affected relative.”

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kid book

Should We Continue to Celebrate Dr. Seuss?

“As an educator, parent, grandparent, and human, I know that representation is important. When children do not see themselves in books or see depictions that are negative, no matter how subtle, true damage is done.”

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Christmas Cookies

America’s Test Kitchen Kids Announces #CookiesFromKids Campaign

They will donate $1 to No Kid Hungry for every photo posted on Instagram using the hashtag.

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Connect With Family in a Whole New Way This Season

We’ve found a high-tech (but simple), wow (but affordable), gift that any parent, grandparent, even dog parent will adore.

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How We Helped Our Toddler Gently Bond With Baby

Photo: The Ollie World
If your family is growing, you’re probably wondering how your family dynamic will change with the addition of a little one. As a mother, you already have a pretty good idea of what to expect .…

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Easy Ways to Stay Connected to Grandparents from a Distance

Travel plans been waylaid? We’ve got some helpful ways to keep the connection going between generations.

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Coronavirus Homeschooling: What Your Kids Really Need to Learn

“After what seemed like a 100 hours of planning, I began to realize that what I want my kids to learn isn’t going to fit neatly into my 45 minute time blocks or available on any free trial educational websites. Beyond math worksheets and at-home science experiments, there are larger life lessons to learn.”

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Social Isolation Week One: A Home Education Guide

“Learning is everywhere and in everything we do, especially for children. The way we talk to people, and how we treat each other during a time of uncertainty is an invaluable life lesson.”

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“Mom, Do I Have to Hold Hands?”

Photo: https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/small-girl-holding-mothers-hand-on-777808291?src=library
As a parent, grandparent and educator, I am fascinated by the interactions of parents and their children. When I travel to New York for work several times a month, I have lots of opportunities for fieldwork as I make…

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How Much Time Should Kids Spend with Their Grandparents?

Photo: http://www.littlefolksbigquestions.com
How does one match expectations for grandparents with their adult children about frequency and duration of visits with their grandchildren?
Like all relationships, the dynamic between generations is complicated and only becomes more so as new members are…

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The Most Popular Nicknames for Grandparents in Every State

These nicknames are the most popular picks for grandparents across the country!

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12 Games to Play with Grandparents

Prep for a visit with the grands with these fun ideas that’ll keep everyone entertained.

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24 Important Life Lessons I Vow to Teach My Daughter

Photo: Robin L. Reynolds via DearJalen.com
The other day my daughter and I decided to go outside for a puddle walk. I couldn’t help but be in awe of her as she splashed through mud puddles. She was free in the…

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This New Platform Is Designed to Help Kids and Grandparents Connect

This new platform helps families connect in a whole new way.

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4 Reasons Why Any Parent Could Forget a Baby in Their Car

It turns out 2018 was the highest year on record for tragic pediatric vehicular heatstroke and experts agree this can happen to even the most devoted parents. Here are four reasons why it can happen to anyone plus one easy solution that can help avoid a potential tragedy.

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Here’s Why You Should Never Stop Playing

Turns out, playtime isn’t just beneficial to kids but adults (and grandparents!) as well.

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Put the Grand into Grandparents Day!

National Grandparents Day is around the corner — September 8 to be exact — and we’re sharing ways to show big love!

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Kid Couture: In Defense of Letting Them Choose

Photo: Melanie Forstall Lemoine
My daughter was about two and a half when I first heard her utter the words, “I no want it.” I was getting her ready for Grandparent’s Day at school and pulled out a precious dress…

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Letting Go of Emotional Baggage to Become a Better Parent

Emotional baggage doesn’t have to be burdensome. Identifying it, and releasing the energy will allow you to become a better parent.

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Home of the Brave: 5 Ways to Thank a Veteran

Here are a few simple things you can do with your kiddos to thank a veteran this Veterans Day.

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Paul McCartney’s New Picture Book Is for Every Cool Grandparent in Your Life

The grandparents will be stoked to read your tykes this rockin’ book at bedtime.

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What’s a Dumb Phone? This New Phone Is Social Media-Free & Parents Take Note

This “smartphone” alternative could actually be one of the smartest things parents can get for their over-connected kids.

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Wanna Be a LEGO Bags Ambassador & Get Free Stuff? Here’s How!

Being a LEGO brand ambassador comes with some serious perks!

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Macklemore’s Video for His Grandma’s 100th Makes Us Love Him Even More

Macklemore may have just outdone himself in the latest music video that shows his 100-year-old grandma having the time of her life.

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Healthy Grandparent-Grandchild Relationships Boost Our Overall Health, Says Science

Photo: Pexels
Long gone are the days when even distant relations were of vital importance. Today, the nuclear family is the most important unit. As a result, scientists have devoted an immense amount of research on the social and psychological…

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Daily Challenges оf Being a Blended Fаmily

What is a blended family?

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Whеn promising соuрlеѕ еаgеr to ѕtаrt a fresh from thе ruinous ѕhаmblеѕ оf a previous lifе, hitсh оntо еасh оthеr to form a unifуing whоlе, they mау bе escorted bу…

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When I Realized I was Teaching my Son to be Sexist

Twelve years old, I was riding my bike down our neighborhood hill as fast as I could. I remember beating my neighbor friend to the bottom of the hill and enjoying the thrill of winning against him. He was one…

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The Chillest Places in the DMV (That Kids Love, Too)

Whether you’re into sports or spa days, we’ve rounded up a list of our favorite places in the DMV for families to chillax.

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