Why Celebrating Earth Day Is Such a Special Opportunity for Kids

“By celebrating Earth Day with our families, we teach children responsibility and problem-solving; our community efforts reinforce the concepts of cooperation and collaboration, which in turn yields community connection.”

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Mythbusters: The Story Behind 7 Common Superstitions

We found out the “why” behind superstitions that have likely crossed your path.

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Goodnight Moon: A Must-See Bedtime Classic for the Whole Family

Whether you’re a fan of the classic bedtime story or a fan of the Seattle Children’s Theatre, this sweet production appeals to both kids and parents alike. Read on for the inside scoop.

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Go Under the Wurlitzer & Behind The Screen at the El Capitan Theatre

Take a magical trip back in time to Tinseltown’s golden age when you go backstage (and under the stage!) on a brand new tour of Disney’s El Capitan Theatre.

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New Stuff and Free Fridays at The Santa Monica Pier Aquarium

The beloved local Santa Monica Pier Aquarium just got even better with a new exhibit that teaches kids about the impact we have on the ocean – plus a Totem-totally cool deal for free Fridays in February!

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