14 Easy Waterfall Hikes for Autumn Adventures

Grab your water bottles and pack a snack, it’s time to set out on an easy hike that leads to unbeatable views.

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How to Empower Girls with Back-to-School Confidence

These 5 activities can help boost your daughter’s confidence and self-esteem—giving her the courage to tackle and problem-solve not just in the classroom but for the rest of her life.

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7 Shady Hikes to Help Beat the Heat

Summer heat doesn’t have to mean it’s too hot to hike.

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12 Reasons Why Salishan Coastal Lodge Is Your Next Dream Vacay

Time to relax and recharge—it’s summer! We’ve discovered a destination that will leave you feeling invigorated, revitalized and reconnected with yourself and your loved ones. Salishan Coastal Lodge is nestled in the heart of the Oregon Coastal Range, between the…

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This New App Brings Top-Notch Education Right to Your Home

Thanks to Bennett Live, inspired by the educational style of Bennett Day School, you can now give your kids access to a vast library of engaging media, programming, and educational resources that will help them explore, learn and create independently—all from their favorite device!

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Grow Your Child’s Cognitive Skills through Gardening

“Plant a garden with your child and watch their test scores, behavior, and language skills bloom.”

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The Best Ways to Foster Your Child’s Brain Development

85% of brain growth occurs in the first three years. Here are several ways to ensure your child engages in activities and habits that will simultaneously foster their brain health and development.

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camp trunk

The Essential Thing Kids Should Bring to Summer Camp

“After 22 years of running a summer camp, this is the one big thing I recommend no child sends off without.”

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10 Ways to Get Kids to Enjoy Gardening

“Teach your kids basic gardening skills and they’ll soon want to grow a garden for you!”

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New Poll Shows Tooth Fairy Is Dishing Out More Cash Than Ever

The Tooth fairy is leaving kids a record payout .

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This Leafy Seadragon Cam Is the Calm You Need Right Now

Ever heard of a Weedy Seadragon before? Neither had we!

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Friends Milestone Blanket

Could This “Friends” Blanket Be Any Cuter?

The one where your baby gets older!

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Are Your Kids Getting Enough Nutrients?

“Whether you’re a beginner or an expert in packing lunches, here are some ideas to take your lunchbox to the next nutritious level.”

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6 Ways to Set Your Daughter Up for Success & the Studies to Prove Them

Photo: Kiana Bosman
There’s no one right way to raise a child—but research and science shows that there are indeed steps you can take as a parent to encourage a positive outcome. Want to help your children to succeed?  Here…

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remote work

Check out the Top 100 Companies Hiring for Remote Jobs Right Now

FlexJobs annual list also highlights fast-growing careers for remote jobs.

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These Are the Hottest Parenting Trends for 2021, According to Pinterest

Want a new family pet? Pinterest has a suggestion for you.

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Has Pandemic Parenting Shaken Your Confidence? Here’s How to Find It Again

“If there is a lesson here, it is that sometimes it takes a shock to the system to rediscover what is most important to us.”

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One Cool Thing: Gerber’s New Subscription Service

Gerber’s brand-new subscription service ships stage-based foods, carefully selected based on your baby’s developmental age, straight to your door.

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How Invisible Work & Sacrifices Affect Working Moms

“We interviewed 13 working moms. Their responses reveal a pattern of invisible sacrifices.”

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Roku Kids & Family

Kids & Family on The Roku Channel Turns One

They are celebrating with new content from Ryan’s World and more.

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tooth fairy

Believing in the Tooth Fairy Is Good For Your Little One’s Oral Health

Delta Dental tracks the Tooth Fairy’s U.S. annual giving in the Original Tooth Fairy Poll.

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Reelgood Finds Which Movie & TV Genres Streamers Are Investing In

They compared data between Sept 2019 and Jul. 2020.

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Dunkin’ To Close 800 Stores In 2020

This includes 450 locations within gas stations.

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Nerds Gummy Clusters

Nerds Gummy Clusters Bring Together Crunchy & Gummy

This candy features crunchy mini Nerds surrounding sweet gummy centers.

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We’re Hiring: Growth Marketing Manager, Special Projects (Remote Position!)

The Tinybeans marketing team is a scrappy group of fast-moving, data-driven and creative thinkers who nurture and grow Tinybeans and Red Tricycle users across all platforms. The Growth Marketing Manager is a contract role that will help to drive top-of-funnel…

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Quarantining with Teenagers

“I’m constantly implementing positive parenting techniques more now than ever. Here are a few tips that you can also do yourself!”

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5 Tips for Parents of Kids on the Autism Spectrum

“I’m sharing my experience as a parent who, like his child, is on the autism spectrum—I did not learn this until after I became a father—and may help you navigate and make the journey more manageable.”

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Periphery Parenting: A New Approach to Try with Your Teenage Daughter

“Parenting from the periphery requires a new way of relating and a new approach. It means becoming comfortable with being the observer on the outskirts, the silent supporter, the cheerleader and champion, and ready when (and if) she needs you.”

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This is the One Thing You Need to Do to Raise Strong Girls

Photo: Photo by Kseniya Petukhova on Unsplash
I’ll never forget the day I truly felt affirmed in my job. I have a unique role as a teacher, life coach, and mentor all wrapped up in one. One afternoon I was…

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