3 Tips to Help Kids Navigate the Digital World Safely

Reality dictates that when it comes to technology use, our kids need a solid foundation in digital literacy and online communications skills in order to successfully navigate the digital world.

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If Your Little One Is Struggling with Anxiety

“This little girl did the work. And now, as a teen, she is thriving. Anxiety creeps in every now and then but she has the tools to stop it long before it attempts to take over.”

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Can Dogs & Kids Sync Up Their Behaviors? New Study Has Answers

Pups and kids can have interesting relationships.

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Woman working on laptop

Study Reveals 4-in-10 Women Debating Leaving Workforce Due to COVID-19

Women are also more concerned about everyday finances.

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Nickelodeon Universe at American Dream

American Dream Announces Reopening Date

Reduced attendance levels and extensive health and safety protocols will be observed.

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A World of Wait & See during COVID-19

“While I am very much a ‘you do you’ and ‘I will do me’ kind of person, it is hard at times and makes me question our approach. Are we doing the right thing?”

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Little Passports

Little Passports Announces New Products for After School Adventures

Enrich your little ones beyond their traditional curriculum. 

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Airbnb Hosts Enrolled More Than 1 Million Listings in Cleaning Protocol

Bookings for listings opted into the Enhanced Cleaning Protocol are more likely to be for family stays. 

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Parents, Do These 5 Things Before Returning to Child Care

“As life moves into the next phase of the new normal, here are 5 tings to do before you send your child back to their daycare center.”

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Barbie Campaign Team

Barbie Launches Campaign Team with Candidate, Campaign Manager, Fundraiser & Voter Dolls

This new set show girls the importance of a political team working together to win.

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Beyonce - Black Is King

Beyoncé’s “Black Is King” Premieres on Disney+

New film is based on the music of “The Lion King: The Gift”

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Cobra Kai

“Cobra Kai” Comes to Netflix

The first two seasons will premiere on Netflix this year, with an all-new third season to follow.

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How to Get Your Kids Excited about Homeschooling

“Don’t forget to take some of the pressure off and realize that you don’t have to be perfect. If your child is learning and doing something constructive, you’re already knocking it out of the park.

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New Online Storymakery Workshop Lets Kids Become Authors

Give your little authors their own byline.

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Social Isolation Week One: A Home Education Guide

“Learning is everywhere and in everything we do, especially for children. The way we talk to people, and how we treat each other during a time of uncertainty is an invaluable life lesson.”

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Warning: You’re Probably Talking to Your Kids Too Much

Narrating a child’s experience is vital to develop language and build vocabulary, but it can be taken too far.

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Disney Parks Mom Panel 2020 Is Here & There Are Some Exciting New Extras

This is your first stop for planning your next Disney vacation.

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Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez Just Donated a Year’s Worth of Food to an Elementary School

The celeb couple helped out more than just one child at a school in Tennessee.

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How to Teach Kids to Write Based on Their Learning Preference

Providing children with multiple ways—kinesthetic, auditory, tactile, or visual—to practice writing letters can help them to be successful and also maintain their engagement in the learning process.

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The FDA Wants to Make Research on Pregnant & Breastfeeding Mamas More Effective

The FDA may help to cut some of the pregnancy-medication confusion.

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Here’s Why I Don’t Tell My Kids to Have a Good Day—& What I Say Instead

“I don’t just want my children to have a good day—even though that is important to me.”

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Teaching Your Kids the Dos & Don’ts of Holiday Spending

Buying gifts for family and friends is a great way to get kids to create a plan and budget.

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How to Boost Your Child’s Resilience & Independence

Find out how to boost your kids’ resilience and raise an independent thinker.

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Ladder Makes Life Insurance Easy to Check Off Your List

A new year means new family goals on the horizon—from the fun (more family adventures!) to the practical (organize family finances and insurance!).
Let Ladder, online, direct-to-consumer, term life insurance, help you start off 2018 on the right foot. Their…

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YouTube Makes Big Changes to Help Keep Your Kids Safe Online

The video platform is trying to become safer for younger users in light of recent issues.

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Are You a Parent or Friend to Your Kiddo? How to Be Both

One of the great battles of parenting is finding a working balance between being an effective parent and being your child’s friend.
All parents want their children to confide in them if they need help or are in trouble. My…

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How I Set My Priorities Straight and Became a Present Father

When my children were younger, I had to change careers.

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I chose to do this because I wanted more money to get my children into better schools. I also wanted to move my family to…

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Why Having a Child Made Fitness Matter to Me

Once my son was born, I knew my purpose in life had changed. I was now a role model. My son looks to me for guidance, strength, advice and an example of the person he should strive to be.

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One Cool Thing: Braiby Early Childhood Development Platform

Try this free app and online tool that shares fun activities to help educate your child about the world around them.

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There’s Now A ‘Fearless Girl’ Statue Facing Wall Street’s Charging Bull

Pedestrians walking down Wall Street noticed something different today. An asset management group, State Street Global Advisors, installed a statue of a young girl facing off against the famous Wall Street Charging Bull.

Photo: BusinessWire
State Street Global Advisors pulled…

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Shocking Research Uncovers Only Eight States Require Time for Recess


photo: Shared Schoolyard Project
Understanding recess should be pretty simple, right? Kids gleefully head outside to run, play, and burn off all that pent up energy between spelling tests and multiplication lessons. According to new guidelines, however, that short…

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The New Show That Will Blow Your Kid’s Mind

Choose Your Own Adventure meets Willy Wonka meets Sleep No More. Get tickets now!

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5 Amazingly Creative Activities to Do During the Holidays

Ahh…holidays are coming. It is a great time of year for fun, festivals and celebration. And of course, we all are ready for enjoying family gathering, gifts, great food, light display and a unique spirit of joy and happiness. But…

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Just Opened: Portland Pastimes

Hollywood is home to a new toy store offering up cool toys, games and DIY kits perfect for your pint-sized players.

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