Ultimate Baking Kit

Amazon Is Selling a Duncan Hines Ultimate Baking Kit

This kit is perfect for a weekend home with the kids. 

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Cool Science Tricks That’ll Get Rid of Your Halloween Stash

This might be the healthiest way to use up your kid’s candy stash, all in the name of science.

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Kid pockets

Parents from Around the World Document the Contents of Their Kid’s Pockets

These items can really tell you about who your child is at a certain point in time.

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Friendly’s Ice Cream Sundae Kits Are Your New Weekend Plans

The perfect sundae kit is just a few clicks away.

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The New Candy That May Replace Your Morning Cup of Coffee

Coffee plus gummy bears equals all-day goodness.

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How You Can Celebrate National Ice Cream Month With the Museum of Ice Cream

From clothing to skateboards to actual pints of ice cream, this is officially summer’s sweetest collection yet.

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12 Candy Shops We’re Sweet On

Move over, Wonka! We’re feasting our eyes on these local candy shop gems for sweet treats.

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The 5 Stages of Surviving the Holiday Season as a Parent… Again

I love the holidays. But I used to be old geezer Ebenezer, a total Scrooge who complained that “the season moved too fast” from the moment Halloween candy hit store shelves (alongside school supplies) until New Year’s Eve party glasses…

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Just Opened: Sugarfina Sells Luxury Candy for the Kid in All of Us

Rush to this new boutique of sweets that’s destined to become your next candy crush.

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The Museum of Ice Cream Announces Its Fourth Location!

Get ready to dive into this latest sprinkle-filled, pop-up museum.

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More Funny Dad Tweets from Ryan Reynolds

Last winter we shared six funny dad tweets from Ryan Reynolds, and let’s just say that his tweets keep getting better and better. Here are more funny tweets about fatherhood to get you through your day from this Hollywood actor…

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NYC’s Best Candy Shops For Now & Later

Whether you want old school treats, new & modern — or even Scandinavian sweets. Here’s where to load up!

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This New Candy Trend For Adults is the Best Thing Since Sliced Bread & Yoga Pants

Photo: Today
Let’s face it– we LOVE wine. And what other goody do we have an infatuation for? Candy. With that in mind, the glorious folks over at Sugarfina teamed up with wine brand Whispering Angel to develop rosé-infused gummy…

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Just Opened: CREAM San Francisco

Ice cream and cookies is a combo that is not easily improved upon. Yet CREAM has pulled it off, and dessert lovers are rejoicing (and lining up around the block).

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The Candy Store

7 Main Street
Tiburon, Ca 94920
What better way to complete an afternoon spent on the waterfront than indulging your sweet tooth? We’re willing to bet you know some tiny people who won’t be opposed to checking out The Candy…

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It’s My Party: Homemade Crafts & Sundaes

Leave it to a PR veteran like Jennifer Rice to come up with a creative birthday idea to keep a gaggle of girls busy indoors on a rainy afternoon. Homemade crafts and ice cream sundaes were top of the agenda…

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