Support These Family-Friendly, Black-Owned Portland Businesses & Nonprofits

Check out and support these Portland Black Owned businesses.

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Who Needs the Department of Education?

Photo: biker3
Once when I was traveling with my mother, we met a woman from Australia and discovered that, despite the fact that we all spoke English, we still had cultural differences. My mother told her about this wonderful vest…

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11 Atlanta Parents Who Are Making a Difference

Extra! Extra! Read all about Atlanta parents who’re making a difference! Good feelings, guaranteed!

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RAD Camp

RAD Launches Creative Solution for Adults & Children with Developmental Disabilities

All pre-registered campers will receive their very own RAD Box.

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What Goes Around, Comes Around: Places to Donate Old Toys

Now’s the time to clean up the Christmas carnage and cull some of our kids’ less-loved toys by donating them to one of Atlanta’s awesome organizations supporting children and families in need.

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