Steve from “Blues Clues” is Back with a Special Video: “I Never Forgot You…Ever”

He recorded a heartfelt message to celebrate 25 years of the beloved show.

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Lindt Valentine's Day

Flowers & Truffles Make a Classic Pair for Valentine’s Day

Treat someone special to Lindt Truffles and Farmgirl Flowers.

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Pinkalicious & Peteriffic Thanksgiving

Celebrate Thanksgiving with Your Favorite PBS KIDS Shows

Carol Kane makes a special guest appearance.

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Yo-Yo Ma Joins Raffi and Lindsay Munroe on “For All You Do”

The song is a thank you to essential workers during the pandemic.

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A Heartfelt Way to Brighten Someone’s Day (Hint: It Involves Chocolate)

Customize a box of chocolates for someone special and brighten their day.

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Muppets Now

“Muppets Now” to Premiere July 31 on Disney+

The Muppet gang shared their own twist to the show’s art.

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Sam’s Club Rolls Out Smaller-Sized Graduation Cakes for Less Than $10

These cakes are the perfect size for those at-home celebrations! 

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6 Ways to Make Mother’s Day Memorable No Matter Where You Are

Make mom feel extra special this year no matter the miles with sweet ideas including brunch, cards and custom chocolates.

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How to Teach Children Gratitude

“Playing with your child will steer them in healthy, empowering ways that will help them become responsible global citizens.”

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How to Rock Family Traditions Like Chip & Joanna Gaines

Read on for simple ways to bring your family together.

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12 of the Best Baby and Toddler Books about Feelings

Introduce babies and toddlers to all sorts of feelings, from happy to grumpy and everything in between, with these 12 books about feelings.

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This Mom’s Viral Open Letter Asking Her Husband for More Help Is All of Us

This blogger penned the note to her husband several years ago but it’s just now going viral online.

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Channing Tatum & Jenna Dewan Split: Say It Isn’t So!

Conscious uncoupling? The couple releases a tell-all statement.

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Funniest parenting tweets

Funniest Parenting Tweets of the Week: February 16, 2018

Parenting keeps us laughing and this week we needed a few. Here’s this week’s funny parenting tweets from your favorite parenting hashtags.

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Holiday Hacks for Happiness! Tricks and Reduce Your Stress

Do you find that it gets to a date in December and it’s like someone’s flicked a switch and suddenly hours seem to melt away and yet your to-do lists get longer?
Put a clip in the madness and try…

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These Are the New Trends in Toys That Teach

Toy makers are listening to what parents want in their kids’ toys and responding in a big way.

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This Letter From Laura Dern to Her 12-Year-Old Is a Must-Read

Whether you have a daughter, are a daughter or just want to get some awesome advice, check out what the actress recently had to say.

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Here’s How I Save My Kid’s Artwork Without Being a Hoarder

Part of surviving fall in our house is intertwined with surviving school with my three girls and all the stuff they bring home. ​It came to a head this weekend with a bit of a bad-Mommy moment. Unfortunately, it wasn’t…

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How the “What I Love About You is Everything” Exercise Made Me a Better Parent

At the personal development workshop, we paired up to do a “What I love about you” exercise. After practicing in pairs with other workshop participants, we were asked to choose someone outside the workshop and do the exercise with them…

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emotional ad

This Windex Ad Will Bring Every Parent to Tears, Seriously

Grab the tissues and take a look at this latest video campaign that is making parents everywhere more than just a little bit emotional.

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This Little Boy Made a Mess in Target & His Dad Handled It in the Best Way

Here’s how one dad turned a messy situation into one of life’s teachable moments.

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This 4 Year-Old Broke Down in Tears at His Dad’s Wedding After Hearing Vows Just for Him

This video of an emotional little boy at a wedding ceremony will have you tearing up, too.

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A Father’s Love: What One Dad Learned from Another

Photo: Something_special1
One sentence. That was all it took for me to know I was onboard with this guy. We had worked together a little over two weeks. We’d barely spoken. He didn’t even remember my name.
“You said your…

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June Spoke Writing Challenge: All about the Dads!

Hooray for June—and hooray for our newest Spoke Writing Challenge! In case you haven’t heard, our Spoke Contributor Network offers a monthly writing challenge where we want to hear from you. All June long, we want to read your perspectives…

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A Crash Course On Smartphone Etiquette at Meal Time

I grew up watching lots of television. I loved watching old shows about families like “Leave It To Beaver” where Ward and June Cleaver’s family sat down to meals together and talked about the daily issues. It seemed like all…

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Stories Spring to Life! Must-See Live Theater

This season of children’s theater is all about the art of the story and these must-see performances bring the page to the stage.

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Liar, Liar Pants on Fire: Making Kids Say Sorry When They Don’t Mean It

Yes, we all do it. We make them say, “I am sorry” even when they are not.  Or maybe they just don’t understand what there is to be sorry for. Regardless, over and over I hear parents tell their kids…

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This Mom’s Facebook Post About Her Ex Went Viral For All the Best Reasons

photo: Jessica Singleton via Facebook
Jessica Singleton’s relationship with her ex may not have worked out, but when it comes to co-parenting they are rocking it. The mom to an adorable toddler named Pierson recently blew up the Internet with…

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