Why I Quit Sleep Training Before I Even Started

Photo: Dennis Gardner
I’m sure, like many new mothers, I was totally unprepared for motherhood. I guess no one can really prepare you for what’s about to happen but I was particularly not at all prepared for the physical and…

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25 Things That Have Woken My Baby Up

When I brought my little girl home from the hospital, we were both recovering from a major ordeal. Failed labor and an emergency c-section for me, a three weeks early entrance into the world and a stay in the NICU…

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Diggerland USA by Jeff Bogle

Drive a Dump Truck at NJ’s New Diggerland USA Theme Park

New Jersey has a brand new construction-themed amusement park where kids can operate heavy machinery, race mini-Land Rovers and drive dump trucks.

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11 Reasons You Can’t Miss The Oregon Ag Fest

From learning how to lasso to petting super cute puppies, here are 11 plus reasons to attend The Oregon Ag Fest this year.

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